Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drawing challenge / Shadows

Thanks to lots of sunshine
and thanks to wonderful inventive Ariane
here are 'shadows'

the light painting images
fleeting imitations
changing with the hours
 concealing their owners
but uncovering them at the same time
fading as night falls
I tried to grab shadows

Please take a look at Ariane's blog 'Rose' and watch the shadows
Nice weekend to you all!


  1. dearest Renilde
    I love your artwork
    every time again
    this one
    my favorite
    what a beautiful work!!
    I love the shades, the colors
    all of it

    love Patrice A.

  2. very beautiful: the shadows of plants - the painting together with the photos.
    lots of sunshine in it.
    a sunny hello from

  3. love! the details and the whole painting! and the combination with the shadow photographs! magical as always...

  4. i am in love, dear renilde!! this painting is so so so very wonderful, must say, beside that i love your artwork, this is my favorite, so touching, love the colors, the little figure, the size... don't know how to say format? EVERYTHING! big sunny hug, julia

  5. Hi Renilde, Renilde, Renilde, Renilde, Renilde, Renilde :))))
    This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love how you painted the shadows with color
    your picture is a smooth visual sensation
    Have a nice weekend!!

  6. perception
    you have the
    gift of
    paint & brush
    canvas & art
    passion & color
    & love, lots and lots, of love of
    nature & life.

    wishing you a splendid weekend.

  7. I love the colors of your art work!! A delicate and beautiful post, yhank you :) x Leena

  8. I love the colors of your painting!!! A beautifuk and delicate post, thank you, Renilde:) x Leena

  9. Wow Renilde..I am always bewildered by the beauty if your art and creations you share..and the poetic way you weave everything together!! magical! each photo..i loved more and more..stunning... and the final piece..touches my truly capture the spirit of art from the invisble space.. that which is so powerfuland deeply meaningful...inescapable-beauty!!

  10. Loving your beautiful words to go with your painting which is gorgeous. Truly stunning artwork. Annette x

  11. Renilde! Yes, Annette has described it perfectly~~truly stunning artwork. Oh this is layered to beautifully. And yet each component is clear. So you have to look and look and look. It's gorgeous. You are a talent!! *smiles* Norma

  12. Renilde

    this is an amazing painting I really love the colours and I like how the shapes were derived from the shadow images.

    A fantastic concept!

    Helen :)

  13. Renilde, your painting has so many layers, something I hadn't thought of when thinking of shadows. You've most definitely grabbed the shadows! Beautiful photos as well.

  14. Dear Renilde,

    Beautiful painting,this is my of my favorite ever!

    Check my blog there is a surprise waiting for you there...;-)

  15. Inspiring shadows! LOVE the painting : )

  16. me parece muy bueno este trabajo. interesante y original. te aplaudo.

  17. Renilde, everyone should sit at least some time each day to stop a bit, our internal speed and see how life flows like water stream, should be so, at least
    dont you think so?

    not easy, but we should and deserve to treat

  18. your shadows are so inspiring! I love the plants and colours of them, also the abstraction. great work!
    dear renilde, may I invite you for the next drawing challenge? I'm the host with the theme LETTERS!
    :-)) mano

  19. Oh, wonderful,
    dearest Renilde, very beautiful.
    Your painting has got a soul.
    There is so much life in there!
    I love how you've captured floral shadows in your(?) garden and merged them into a big ensemble.
    Well done! Thank you very much.


  20. what wonderful and summerlike shadows Renilde. so lovely.

  21. Oh, Renilde, I thought that spring was quite warm in Europe
    I never imagined that you would be with the stove on
    Fall here is getting cold, the temperature does not rise above 12 degrees at noon, and now it seems that it will snow tonight in the mountains, which, tomorrow will be even colder. but I like, I enjoy the cold days. are days to enjoy slowly.
    Good week for you, and thank you very much for stopping by my blog!

  22. renilde, this is beau-ti-ful.
    the format is perfect for the shaded image. this is surprisingly deep. the blues, of course, making it light and dignified. wowsers!
    ps - we must meet! ;)))

  23. I love how we are always introduced to your work slowly...taking time to notice the details before seeing the whole- and how this time you compare to real shadow photos- wonderful!!