Friday, June 22, 2012


i live in an old house with old doors,
  all of our cupboards and closets were bought second(or more) hand

i had this dream ;
i was openening doors in my house and behind them were the possessions
of the previous owners
i recognized every door but not the things behind them
it felt weird but in a pleasant way
like a journey of discovery


  1. What an interesting dream. It sounds as though your life is filled with possibilities right now. :) I too have old cupboards which I much prefer to new ones.
    I really like the handle in your top picture. :)
    Jess xx

  2. beautiful. i feel the stories that come from all my treasures that have lived many lives before they found me. and i love your door handle photos. the paint, worn from the touch of a hand and the movement of the handle. lovely....

  3. So true! I have old doors too, and can sense the different lives they have witnessed, but I never thought about opening them one day to find the possessions of the past. What a lovely idea, that a house holds everything that was ever in it!

  4. i have recurring dream something like that ... about a house and discovering new rooms in it :)

  5. oooh interesting dream Renilde I wonder what it means?
    I love old houses especially the fittings such a s door knobs and light switches and window latches they were little design objects in their own right.The ones you have shown are really beautiful I would love those in my house.


  6. el sueño como un juego de dominó