Saturday, August 31, 2013

dc order and chaos

some thoughts;

we like order
what's order to you is chaos to me
order brings us peace of mind
chaos stimulates my brain
order stimulates my brain
chaos stimulates creativity
order stimulates creativity
we look for patterns (order) in  chaos
(the other night i saw this BBC horizon documentary )
they seem to find patterns (order) in what looks like chaos

o boy,i can go on and on because this week again,
wonderful artist Barbara choose for a 'big' theme.

i rather like that butterfly effect...

please have a look at Barbara's place to find more chaos and order

beautiful weekend to you all

Thursday, August 29, 2013

a different language

i haven't done much painting during my break, i was busy 
gardening, walking, visiting, observing, feeling, enjoying,
 and watching my grandson 's first watercolour attempts.
he loved it .

Saturday, August 24, 2013

dc nature

some themes are so...'big'
and our great host this week, the one and only Nadine, presented us with such a theme this week,
do take a look at her inspiring blog and at those of all the participants.


a few of the many descriptions coming to mind,

inspiring, inspiring, inspiring

i show you some pictures i made in my garden
and in other very beautiful gardens( the dahlias and the artichoke)

the two silhouettes are painted on old breadboards

my dear friends,
after some time away from the net i will enoy  visiting you all again during the following week,
i'm looking forward to that,

have a lovely weekend