Saturday, August 24, 2013

dc nature

some themes are so...'big'
and our great host this week, the one and only Nadine, presented us with such a theme this week,
do take a look at her inspiring blog and at those of all the participants.


a few of the many descriptions coming to mind,

inspiring, inspiring, inspiring

i show you some pictures i made in my garden
and in other very beautiful gardens( the dahlias and the artichoke)

the two silhouettes are painted on old breadboards

my dear friends,
after some time away from the net i will enoy  visiting you all again during the following week,
i'm looking forward to that,

have a lovely weekend 


  1. yes big theme... so nice pictures I love the caterpillar, this color great!
    enjoy your weekend, too!
    x Stefanie

  2. Renilde! I missed you!
    Beautiful photos!
    I love the necklace with lavender
    and rusty gate!
    You live in a exuberant nature
    I wish you a beautiful weekend!

  3. that Caterpillar!!!!
    i have missed you
    and love all you show
    yes, the theme was a big one
    but it got us started
    again ;^))

    Patrice A.

  4. welcome home. the house the garden the art. oh, let me not forget the caterpillar....sea foam green. spectacular one and all!

  5. Oh how I wish I could walk in your garden! And the wreath for your lovely statue is a wonderful touch.

  6. Hello Renilde! xo We've missed you. Such a big theme and so inspiring!

  7. Wonderful post! So full of variety of nature. Your boards are so beautiful, as well as the necklace of flowers. And the caterpillar! So colourful that it almost seems unreal!

  8. Oh I do hope you had a wonderful time away from the computer! I loved your nature photos, especially the beautiful house and garden.

  9. hello dear Rinalde,

    ALL of your photos are a joy to see, wonderful!
    may i ask what the first one is of? awesome!
    the second, well i would have taken 18 photos of that beautiful creature! Do you know what sort of butterfly or moth it will become?

    good week to you~

    1. the first photo are the roots of watercress i grow in my garden, it grows in a large kind of wooden tray coated with plastic so it keeps wet.
      the caterpillar was amazingly beautiful and 6-7 cm, i think it is a lime hawk moth (Mimas tiliae), they have that blue hawk i'm told. it was living in my garden and i hope it still is, the next morning it had disappeared from the place i photographed it. x

  10. is that caterpillar really, really in your beloved colour tones? i mean!
    love the bread boards. ingeneous idea! ;)))
    and all the right blues too.
    welcome back...

  11. Welcome welcome back, Renilde Dear! I have been missing you and your gorgeous art. I like your list of Nature's attributes. The wreath is such wonderful shade of blue violet. -sus

  12. Welcome back Renilde, good to "see" you again and enjoying all your wonderful pics. Can't believe: is this catapillar real? How can nature look so artificially, as made by an artists. Your right nature is a big theme and natures is the biggist artist also.
    As you're back I like to invite you to the next dc at my place/blog!
    xo Barbara

  13. Hello Renilde, thank you for these creative, beautiful and inspiring images! Have a nice week! leena

  14. Hello Renilde, thank you for these creative, beautiful and inspiring images! Have a nice week! leena

  15. Hello Renilde, thank you for these creative, beautiful and inspiring images! Have a nice week! leena

  16. Such beautiful scenes Renilde- and so nice to see you post! It's been awhile :)
    and by the looks of it you've had a magical summer!

  17. Dearest Renilde! Nice to see you after a little summer break. Hope you had and are having a wonderful time. I adore that thistle necklace. It's wonderful. See you again soon, Norma, xo

  18. dear renilde,
    all this descriptions coming trough your mind,
    fit so well to you too:) xx julia

  19. Renilde, all of these photos are stunning. So wonderful to see what you see. The silhouettes are really beautiful. Very clever.
    Enjoy these last days of summer...


  20. what a beautiful post -welcome back, dear renilde!
    :-)) mano

  21. Oh, Renilde, I'm just catching up on posts and this was so much fun to read and to see your lovely photos. What a garden--so enchanting! The caterpillar is something special, but I'm curious as to what is in the first photograph?


    1. dear Cindi, that are the roots of watercress, x

  22. Wandered over here via Lynne's blog --I'm supposed to be working an find myself seeking distractions-- I'm glad I did! Your blog is a most pleasant "distraction!"