Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a moth and a peacock

two more for the animal book

Saturday, June 22, 2013

dc solstice

the garden and i,
we play with the light
from dawn 'till dusk
we grow
high to the peak
summer solstice

 time does not exist 
we forget about time
we just are

the green of june
 an impressionists palette
myriad scents
deep shadows
dazzling sparkle

wonderful artist Kirsten presented us with this beautiful theme,
please take a look at her lovely Sunny spot for more
and wherever you live
happy solstice

and a peaceful weekend

Thursday, June 20, 2013


in one way or another the things that catch my eye,
are like registered somewhere in my head.
they might pop in a future illustration, drawing or painting.
it might be a line or a color or a form or a mood
and definitely a cloud.
the clouds were great.

Friday, June 14, 2013

dc morning, noon and night

a rooster crows
a rooster answers (sometimes i do too)
copper sun
blood orange sun dripping juice.
out of bed
feet first (preferable)
dew on grass, on hedges, i like the dew and its name.
wake up

talk talk
listen listen
tic tic
toc toc
oh ah hmm
water water
we can go on
don't forget to eat and take your time
colors (lots)

slowly slowing down
paint some more
smell the evening air; honeysuckle and mocking orange
to sleep or not to sleep
lights on or lights out
stars (can't help waiting for a falling one)

( i painted  an ideal day and night in june)

our lovely Helen (queen of the clear line and clear color) is hosting this weeks dc,
please take a look at her great blog and find out who was inspired by her theme.

( i'm posting very early this week, i will be off to  Rotterdam very early morning tomorrow :))

have beautiful weekend

Saturday, June 8, 2013

dc mood board

i would like this ...

in my garden,

the inside looking  like this maybe,

a place to read
amidst the green and the flowers,
the merriment exuberance outside translated,

and you're welcome to visit :)

our wonderful Ariane is the lovely host of  this week's dc
please take a look at her place for more mood boards,

wishing you a beautiful weekend

Saturday, June 1, 2013

dc key/hole

Mrs. Key and Mr. Hole considered themselves a happy couple.
She was the travelling kind,
he liked to stay at home.
She went everywhere (and nowhere),
he watched the world passing by , musing...

There was always that special moment when she arrived home.
He saw her coming, she entered and tickled him,
he embraced her.
They told eachother about their day, very cozy together.

One day an unknown Mrs.key came to the door.
Would he let her in?
No, he couldn't, he didn't like that look of her.
Besides, she tried to scratch him before she left again.
Oh boy...he needed some air...

It made him wonder, did his Mrs. Key
ever try to tickle someone else?

That day he longed more for Mrs. Key's return than ever before.

please take a look at the following participants blogs,
you'll find some wonderfull key/holes there,

thanks my friends,

have a wonderful weekend