Saturday, June 8, 2013

dc mood board

i would like this ...

in my garden,

the inside looking  like this maybe,

a place to read
amidst the green and the flowers,
the merriment exuberance outside translated,

and you're welcome to visit :)

our wonderful Ariane is the lovely host of  this week's dc
please take a look at her place for more mood boards,

wishing you a beautiful weekend


  1. oooo.....
    what a FINE place that would be
    and that color, the best!
    i can see you in there while
    reading, working, dreaming, playing, muse and rest
    and your collage shows the colors and atmosphere beautifully
    i will come
    to visit you there!!

    Patrice A.

  2. Oh, Renilde, that is a cosy, mysterious and charming place! Thank you, x Leena

  3. oh renilde, i would so love this too...

    thank you for this beauty...


  4. such a wonderful place to be
    a lovely dream
    may it come true ~

  5. thank you.
    i am there.
    wonderfully blue.

  6. perfect gypsy caravan I can see summer days with the door and windows thrown open laying on the bed reading a book and having a nap.......I love this type of living too I dream of a tiny house up the back of my Tassie garden. One day it will happen.

    Have a lovely day

    Helen x

  7. oh Renilde. what a wondeRful and mystic place to woRk, live, Relax .... i would like to visit you theRe, bRing a bottle of RhubaRbjuice and discoveR eveRy little coRneR of youR beautiful gaRden.
    love. käthe.

  8. I would love to!
    (this is absolutely wonderful)

    big smile

  9. Oh that would be wonderful! Beautifully imagined!

  10. Yeah! I would like that in my garden too! Beautiful little hidden gem!
    filled with so many goodies!! and the colors are so you- those blues and greens, really lovely Renilde!

  11. YES! I want to live there, only it puts me in the traveling mood so not in a garden, but on the Road. Love, sus

  12. when can I visit you in this wonderful vehicle at this wonderful place?
    :)) mano

  13. Oh, dear Renilde,
    this is gorgeous... divine!
    Love the double exposure... love this mood.
    Your painting of the inside... the inner place... it touches me deep. Thank you, Dear... even for sharing.

    Isn't it fantastic that one is free to create... a dream... that comes true... maybe.
    Listen to the music of 'CocoRosie' while writing this.

    xo Ariane.

  14. Hello Renilde.......visit I would! It's gorgeous inside and out. xo

  15. Back again to visit your moodboard and...oh wow! I want to move in there! Or at least go on vacation in this! Did you know I dreamt of a similar mobile home when I was a little girl? Drawn by a horse, of course! A pretty black and white tinker horse, to be precise... yes, I had a clear picture of it. And this is very close, I can tell you! ;o)

  16. i would like this in my garden too:)
    beautiful painting xx

  17. I wouldn't mind this in my garden as well. It will be in the garden of my mind that is for sure. You have created a perfect spot here Renilde! Thank you for it. N, x

  18. and I would love to visit you there!
    beautiful post, beautiful artist and painting.
    x Stefanie