Saturday, June 22, 2013

dc solstice

the garden and i,
we play with the light
from dawn 'till dusk
we grow
high to the peak
summer solstice

 time does not exist 
we forget about time
we just are

the green of june
 an impressionists palette
myriad scents
deep shadows
dazzling sparkle

wonderful artist Kirsten presented us with this beautiful theme,
please take a look at her lovely Sunny spot for more
and wherever you live
happy solstice

and a peaceful weekend


  1. beautiful pictures and I can see your inspiration for this challenge. the colours you used are beautiful and I love her "flower-hat";-) she looks so very proud!

  2. So brought the flowers perfectly into your painting!

    Happy weekend and thank you so much for your lovely comment on Among the Yellow Roses.

  3. Oh my gosh, Renilde! You led us along your floral path to your lovely lady in her magnificent floral hat. I feel like I've been on a walk in the sweet scent of summer. xo Carole

  4. Your garden is exquisite Renilde! beautiful. Thank you for sharing some Solstice pictures of you special garden. xoxo

  5. so very wonderful
    overflowing with summer flowers of beauty
    i have never seen the black and white one, maybe of the pea family - gorgeous

    your poem and painting are wonder-ful! i love her eyes, her face and her bouquet of flowers upon her head. I love your bouquet of flowers upon your table - again gorgeous! thank you for your beautiful sharing.

  6. wonderful world in your garden, I can imagine the inspiration.
    your painting is a beauty, I love that kind of magic in it!
    x Stefanie

  7. dazzling sparkle indeed.......

    I love your garden Renilde you must put lots of love in it because it shows it really does.
    Your painting is really beautiful the colours and those flowers. I cant finish without mentioning the poem which goes so perfectly with your artwork.

    Helen x

  8. I love where you went with this, Renilde! The garden pictures are beautiful but the table decoration and your inspired painting are most wonderful. I'm thinking I need a flower hat!

  9. Oh, what a beautiful garden you have, lovely pictures, such beauty! x Leena

  10. I just love to stroll with you in your garden, dear Renilde!
    In that light and those colours... I can smell the scent of the flowers... of the roses! the beautiful roses! lady's mantle... elder... much more roses.
    Marvellous pictures! and when you take us inside, even with your beautiful words, I have the feeling of a levying celebration, glorious! Lovely painting... her hat of flowers... her expression... gorgeous.

    Thank you!
    Wish you a happy summer season!
    xo Ariane.

  11. Renilde, time does not exist
    I agree with you!
    beautiful words and beautiful painting!
    each solstice, it should not change anything for us, only the attitude of open our doors to summer freedom for some, and the tranquility of a warm fire that protects us from the cold to others.
    in both cases, always writing or painting with the creativity that nature gives us. :))))

  12. Renilde, a pleasant to say the least visit to your garden. Your work has given a bounty of beautiful flowers for us all to enjoy. And for you to paint for us to enjoy!!! I like her expression very much. And the way the light hits her angles, shadows, highlight areas. I like the full moon reflected in her hair of flowers. She is a goddess of the highest order. N, xo

  13. Such pretty flowers :) I love the arrangement you made on your table! Your lady in the painting looks beautiful.xx

  14. sucha beautiful garden..and love her floral hair:)
    hope you've had a wonderful solstice weekend x

  15. Beautiful!!! Your garden is truly a gem and I can see so much of you in it! the flower mandala?? what a treat and your painting looks so knowing and confident in it's beauty and connection to the natural world!

    Thanks so much for playing along- it's always a joy to visit you :)

  16. I wished my english would be better for to tell you my feelings about this post. it's so beautiful that I'm moved to tears... great nature, wonderful garden, awesome painting. the women keeps so calm, meditativ. thank you, dear renilde - also for your comment!! :-) mano

  17. Is it your garden? Such a lovely gorgeous awesome garden, all this beautiful flowers and your little flower arrangement is incredible - a perfect deco for a marriage! Wonderful painting again and you can only be happy and look connected to nature as she does with all this flowers in her hair.

  18. there, there.
    i've come for my garden fix for the day!
    the lady knows what she's on about; i mean, the one in your dreamy painting. love the blues....