Saturday, June 1, 2013

dc key/hole

Mrs. Key and Mr. Hole considered themselves a happy couple.
She was the travelling kind,
he liked to stay at home.
She went everywhere (and nowhere),
he watched the world passing by , musing...

There was always that special moment when she arrived home.
He saw her coming, she entered and tickled him,
he embraced her.
They told eachother about their day, very cozy together.

One day an unknown Mrs.key came to the door.
Would he let her in?
No, he couldn't, he didn't like that look of her.
Besides, she tried to scratch him before she left again.
Oh boy...he needed some air...

It made him wonder, did his Mrs. Key
ever try to tickle someone else?

That day he longed more for Mrs. Key's return than ever before.

please take a look at the following participants blogs,
you'll find some wonderfull key/holes there,

thanks my friends,

have a wonderful weekend


  1. oooh what a story! I think I'm going to read it again, it makes me think... I like when you write stories to your images, I'm always going back and forward to look closer and look for the secrets in them. Perfect for this theme! I like the last pictures, he looks like the guard of all keys and doors!

  2. Wonderful Art work
    The story is just fabulous!
    Big thumbs up Renilde :–)

  3. Absolutely wonderful post ..i love everything here thank you so much.

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  5. Renilde, congratulations, this is very good!
    I loved it!
    Reading and watching your painting!!!!!!!!
    Your art is the highest level!
    thank you very much for choosing the topic. is exciting.

  6. oh oh, and your new header!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

  7. what a fun story
    love your creativity unfolding
    shapes of paper and keys
    painting and tale
    and the last painting is quite wonderful to see - the grain of the wood
    the fabulous hand
    the little man
    what a joy ~

  8. thank you for being our lovely host ~

  9. fiRst .... i love youR new headeR. so beautiful.
    and youR key/hole stoRy, youR paintings .... so wow.
    i'm Really impRessed. thanks.

  10. wow, the story takes me in prison (you say it in english like this?)... this is really stunning! it goes very very deep...
    I love the painting and the new header!
    It´s always such a pleasure to come to your place, Renilde, and thank you for being our host this week
    x Stefanie

  11. The final illustration in your story just thrills me!!! I adore your new header, what a beautiful bird in flight. Tank you for this theme.xo

  12. sweet, sweet Renilde
    what a wonderful and loving story
    straight to my heart!
    their faces close together
    his funny eye
    and that last image, wauw....
    love all of it
    and am still waiting for that book!! ;^)))

    love the new header too!

  13. Oh loved coming across your blog here, as I saw you on Tammie Lee's blog post today and I just could not resist coming over for a visit. What a delight too...I loved reading the stories along with all the beautiful artwork that is with them. Which just gives them such a life that is really inspiring to see. I look forward to reading and seeing more posts from your great blog. Have a wonderful weekend. <3

  14. Oh how I love your stories that go with your beautiful visual creations! I also loved seeing your progress in the creation. Thanks for the interesting theme!

  15. Bravo, Renilde. I love your story of the Key couple, and the second painting (especially) is wonderful. Your new header in the key theme is icing!
    Thanks for the great challenge.
    xxxoo, sus

  16. even your header flys off on a theme that evokes great passion, i see. and your story tickles fancies. actually? i just got the idea that what you do here with the keyhole, you could also do on the actual door?? daring! i mean, in my head, that's daring, because i ike clean lines on furniture, right?
    symbolism as ever, r.

  17. A d-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l story Renilde! I loved it. Never mind the fantastical drawing to go with. Together, the drawing and story combine to make a fantasy come alive and vibrant. I am so tickled right now. Loved this to pieces!!!! Brava! N, xo

  18. wow
    It just occurred to me Renilde you are a Surrealist not an accidental one but your work is pure surrealism. I cant begin to tell you how much Im loving this idea and the resulting artwork. Just wonderful in every way.

    Mine is up finally.....and I have put my hand up for next weeks hosting :)

    Have a great week
    Helen x

  19. Wowww how amazing story Renilde, love your artwork, really missed to stop at your blog and delight myself with all your paintings!

  20. a mystical and sad story
    never thought about couples as keys and keyholes. How true though...

    A beautiful theme Renilde. I love the header art work!

    love xoxox

  21. Dear renilde its always fascinating hoe you unfold your story, its exciting and dreamy with an interesting twist that makes you think at the end, how wonderful! And I like your new header too!

  22. fabulouse key story and grandiose paintings about relationships. thank you ♥

    tatjana ♥

  23. Dear Renilde,
    your new header is beautiful! Like it very much... I can read a surprising story inthere too. As your painting here! Surprising to me... that the woman is the key...
    I hang on your every word when you are telling us a story. And your painting... Dear!... there are so many levels to find! That couple... surrounded by temptations.

    May I invite you to the next dc?

    xo Ariane.

  24. My, and the last painting... that wood, wow, the situation, great.
    x A.

  25. Renilde, what a story! Tickles and scratches.
    I love that you see the key as a woman and the hole as the man.
    Have a wonderful week. xo Carole

  26. oh renilde, you wrote and painted a charming little story! and I love your new header so much! thank you for this wonderful theme, mano

  27. How clever to use the key and hole as faces. Men and women--similar and not the same, each with something for the other. Your story is lovely and resonant and sad, but an interesting journey of emotion. I agree with everyone else, too--the new header is perfect.

  28. Oh, your header was the first eyecatcher! I just fell in love immediately!
    And then I went into your story, so beautifully illustrated as well! What an amazing output, Renilde, congrats for this!