Friday, June 14, 2013

dc morning, noon and night

a rooster crows
a rooster answers (sometimes i do too)
copper sun
blood orange sun dripping juice.
out of bed
feet first (preferable)
dew on grass, on hedges, i like the dew and its name.
wake up

talk talk
listen listen
tic tic
toc toc
oh ah hmm
water water
we can go on
don't forget to eat and take your time
colors (lots)

slowly slowing down
paint some more
smell the evening air; honeysuckle and mocking orange
to sleep or not to sleep
lights on or lights out
stars (can't help waiting for a falling one)

( i painted  an ideal day and night in june)

our lovely Helen (queen of the clear line and clear color) is hosting this weeks dc,
please take a look at her great blog and find out who was inspired by her theme.

( i'm posting very early this week, i will be off to  Rotterdam very early morning tomorrow :))

have beautiful weekend


  1. Your do such imaginative much going on here...just love it.

  2. oh yes, you did - I wish you lots of nights and days like this in June and all over the year!
    So many nice details here to find and I love how you show this painting by telling its story.
    x Stefanie

  3. I love this painting.
    I cant say much more because it really is quite amazing and Im dumbstruck at just how imaginative and beautifully executed it is. This one definitely goes on the wall doesnt it? I mean it cant stay in a journal or put away it has to be seen and admired.

    Thank you for your kind words and for participating in my challenge this week have a wonderful weekend.

    Helen x

  4. :)))
    i love the steps you're taking, the hustle, the bustle.
    i bet you're having some of that too, right now, in rotterdam.
    does the sun shine? it does here!!
    lovely patchworky scenery in your tableau.

  5. What a wonderful way to disclose your painting, each part a story in itself! Those feet--I think my favorite part of your creation--toes ready for the warmth and adventures of the day. I hope you are enjoying Rotterdam as we are enjoying your work.

  6. What a lovely, busy day and cheerful post, thank you! x Leena

  7. Morning noon night filled times......lovely, lovely, lovely mood in this painting, Renilde.
    Have a wonderful week. xoCarole

  8. Glorious poetry, my dear Renilde, and a very wonderful painting, too. Best wishes for your Rotterdam trip, sus

  9. I wish you many perfect days in june! beautiful painting, wonderful story!
    :-) mano

  10. Oh, I love this mood in your painting,
    dear Renilde,
    and in your words and in the between of the lines. wonderful, beautiful atmosphere and I wish you many many of those days in June.
    Even in Rotterdam.

    xo Ariane.

  11. A dream with in a day dream with in a thought...what a lovely painting Renilde :) you always express such a rich complexity of thought in your work :)

    PS I'm next for the Dc if you'd like...solstice :) hope you have a great week!

  12. Thank goodness that you can paint your thinking. Capture a thought, or thoughts. Clear clean straightforward brush strokes tell a mysterious, complex, deep idea. Like a deep dream this patchwork covering is. Dripping blood orange juice. Have you ever had blood orange marmalade? Oh so awesome it is. Love your work, always do!!! N, xo
    p.s. happy rest of the summertime Renilde.