Thursday, June 20, 2013


in one way or another the things that catch my eye,
are like registered somewhere in my head.
they might pop in a future illustration, drawing or painting.
it might be a line or a color or a form or a mood
and definitely a cloud.
the clouds were great.


  1. It will be fun to see if these pop up in future posts--an interesting and eclectic collection here!

  2. someone said that we are what did with us
    and I think our drawings or paintings are what we saw and felt
    and surely, you know very well how to put on canvas and paper, very well what you see and feel in your heart.

  3. oh, but i simply LOVE your miscellaneae... your posts are filled to the brim, i come here for inspiration, and extend all of it in my tiny patch outside. dill is entering seeding period. can't get enough of the process...

  4. Ik wil die poppen :–)

  5. Hello Dear REnilde,
    I love how when I pop in and out of this magical relationship with kindred souls, that i notice we've had the same things on our minds. Birds! :)
    I really love that image with the keys...very nice!
    Have a wonderful miscellaneous kind of day!

  6. Really a beautiful palette you have captured in these photos, Renilde. Happy Solstice, sus