Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a pig and a fish

last week i painted a pig, last sunday
i got this funny pighead as a present ,

all those rainy

one very rainy day i mustered all my courage to tidy up the attic
(after all it felt rather cosy there, rain ticking on the roof)
a most beautiful wasp nest was what i found (among other forgotten things)
now i have added a wasp to the 'animals to paint ' list

i even dress in animals (silly coincidence)

you're still very welcome to the next  drawing challenge


Monday, May 27, 2013

INVITATION to drawing challenge 105

do you lock your doors at night
do you have a key for each lock
do you carry around a large bunch of keys
do you often loose your keys 
do you peek through keyholes
does your key not fit

KEY/HOLE is the new theme  for june the 1st and 2nd ,
just because i like the look of keys and keyholes,
the old ones have something mysterious about them don't you think

ok let's unlock the month of june 
if you like to play please leave a comment
you are all very, very welcome

Saturday, May 25, 2013

dc proverb or saying (piece of a poem)

Mis manos no eran férreas cuando te conocieron, 
las aguas de otro mar las pasaban como a una red;
 ahora agua y piedras sostienen semillas y secretos.

 La lluvia (Rapa Nui) - Poemas de Pablo Neruda

 (you can read the poem here in spanish or here in english)

                                          My hands were not ferrous when they met you,
 the waters of another sea went through them as through a net;
 now water and stones sustain seeds and secrets.

i choose this piece of  Pablo Neruda's poem because i like the metaphors,
to me they are applicable to all people i meet, talk and deal with,
'the waters of another sea went through them as through a net'
leaving something behind...

i painted the first image that came to mind



then the other day i found this weathered zinc heart,
i couldn't throw it away,

butterflies in my heart ; when someone or something really touches me

i'm sure i will have butterflies in my heart looking at the the work of the other participants,
take a look at sweet Patrice's wonderful blog and feel the butterflies too.

have a sunny weekend

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

bees, a dragonfly and raindrops

the sunflower seedlings have been planted outside by now,
in a garden glistening with raindrops at the moment.
no bee or dragonfly in sight.
the seed packet promises me evening sun at least,
i'll wait...
 and in the meantime enjoy a tiny indoor garden.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

dc fillip (and more)

Once he had been a great magician and hypnotist.
His succes rapidly grew and his shows were always sold out.
But with the years, while his fame and popularity (and vanity) rose,
his concentration and passion and so his skills began to wane.
(There had been a few little signs of decline during his last shows.)
One day, at the request of a kind benefactor he performed at an orphanage and ...
disaster hit.
The second girl he hypnotized, Ella (with her red umbrella,but that's another story),
Ella didn't react to his fillip, she didn't woke up,
fillip, fillip, fillip...nothing happened.
She did everything he asked her, her eyes were open and she smiled, but that was it.
The curtains closed, the curtains opened, the show went on.
After his performance he decided to adopt Ella, because she only reacted to his voice
(and to avoid coming into disrepute, ofcourse).
The girl followed him everywhere and some believed she was just faking,
(the world of entertainment no doubt, was much more exciting than life in the orphanage).

Ella had an older brother who had fled the orphanage at the age of fourteen.
His name was Plillip.
After some wanderings, fate and good fortune brought Phillip in contact with an Arabian prince.
The prince immediately noticed the young man's exceptional love for horses.
That love gave him a special gift in handling them and he was offered a nice and well-paid job.
Soon he built himself a fine reputation as horsewhisperer.

Than the day came he went looking for his little sister.
It took him alot of trouble to find out where she was,
but when he did he jumped on his horse and fast as he could,
he rode to the house of the hypnotist.

The man denied everything.He had grown quiet fond of Ella.
( don't worry, he never had bad intentions)
Plillip looked him deep in the eyes, he had better not,
in a flash he was hypnotized.
Move! go and never return, the hypnotist said.
Plillip did move,like a sleepwalker he went through the hall,
he climbed the stairs, and another staircase to the attic and (oh no!) onto the roof.
The hypnotist was filliping madly but without result.
Plillip was now walking on the ridge of the roof
and it looked like nothing could stop him.
But Phillip loved horses and the love was mutual.
His horse smelled the danger, it started neighing and stomping,
and where the hypnotist failed , the horse succeeded.
Phillip awoke.
And so did Ella... Plillip, she whispered.
Together they took off without looking behind and lived their lives with ups and downs (but many more ups,they were done with the downs).
The hypnotist withdrew from public life and wrote his memoirs .
He  died some years later, leaving all his belongings to Ella.

 Stefanie provided me with enough 'fillip' to write a  little story ;)
please take a look at this wonderful artist's blog to find out
who took up the challenge this week and enjoy,

have a beautiful weekend

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

garden in may

green is my garden,
greener everyday,
and full of smells,
like old friends returning to stay for a while,
you recognize them immediately and you missed them,
but they always return in time.
and when the sun comes out and you go looking for spiders and 
ants, ladybirds and blackbirds( crocodiles, planes and helicopters)
with a sweet funny little boy life is at its best.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

dc burlesque

...and we keep on dancing,
burlesque this time,

bird of paradise dance,

here expressed very openly, 
also part of being woman,

this made me think of the oriental equivalent,  bellydancing,
and more about tribal fusion bellydancing,
and a beautiful Belgian dancer, Amirah,

we can express everything just using our body language,
just dancing,
how wonderful is that?!

thanks to sweet Tanïa we dance into the month of may,
please take a look at her place and enjoy the show,

happy weekend