Saturday, May 25, 2013

dc proverb or saying (piece of a poem)

Mis manos no eran férreas cuando te conocieron, 
las aguas de otro mar las pasaban como a una red;
 ahora agua y piedras sostienen semillas y secretos.

 La lluvia (Rapa Nui) - Poemas de Pablo Neruda

 (you can read the poem here in spanish or here in english)

                                          My hands were not ferrous when they met you,
 the waters of another sea went through them as through a net;
 now water and stones sustain seeds and secrets.

i choose this piece of  Pablo Neruda's poem because i like the metaphors,
to me they are applicable to all people i meet, talk and deal with,
'the waters of another sea went through them as through a net'
leaving something behind...

i painted the first image that came to mind



then the other day i found this weathered zinc heart,
i couldn't throw it away,

butterflies in my heart ; when someone or something really touches me

i'm sure i will have butterflies in my heart looking at the the work of the other participants,
take a look at sweet Patrice's wonderful blog and feel the butterflies too.

have a sunny weekend


  1. Leaving something behind. . .as have you! An excellent choice for a quote and a beautiful painting.


  2. Love your painting, dear Renilde! It illustrates the meaning of that part of the poem perfectly.
    I feel like I am a sponge often... maybe I don't have to keep it all but let it go through me, confident everything what is important is in the net.

    Your cinc heart full of butterflies... that is what I feel looking at your art, Dear.

    xo Ariane.

  3. beautiful poem, perfectly for your painting, your art.
    very strong metaphor.
    and this heart is so very nice!
    have a fine weekend
    x Stefanie

  4. I love her hair. How it is the surface of the disturbed waters where they meet the air. Perhaps the air is cold. Or hot. Beneath those troubled waves lie calm flows of wonderful currents carrying the maiden and flowers and precious shells and such things...all held safe by the careful strong gentle hands. So completely awesome is this painting. I am struck by the words at the top (above the water surface.) This is amazing art. Love it. Love the poem. So fabulous!! N, xo
    p.s. at first I thought that the hands were a net and I was a bit worried. Then saw the hands and was relieved. Art is amazing because of its' ability to sway our emotions. Especially differing emotions in one piece of art.

  5. Oh I love to come and see your beautiful blues! These words and this painting are so beautiful. I too at first did not see the hands - just the net. My heart was glad when I found the hands. Lovely work again and again

  6. such a calming art piece, and beautiful poem too. thank you for sharing

  7. ...leaving something behind...

    beautiful..watery artwork and poetry.


  8. love the words you chose.
    both pieces of are are beautiful. The hands over the watery one are such a special thing to see and feel. as are the butterflies in the heart.

  9. I love pablo neruda and his flowery poems. your painting is so beautiful and I wish I could fly with your lovely butterflies! perhaps to your wonderful garden!
    :)) mano

  10. Beautiful quote, Renilde. I like the metaphors, too. Wishing you butterflies in your heart this week, love, sus

  11. her face, those eyes
    her hair one with the waves of the sea
    the hands, a net
    the poem, the words, your art
    beautiful quote, beautiful dreamy art
    and the wings! of butterflies

    lovely post
    and thank you for your comment on my blog
    you understand me so well ;^))

    Patrice A.

  12. you are undoubtedly the Queen of words image and meaning Renilde.....Im speechless all I can say is that I love it a lot because I do :)

  13. tear in my eye. so beautiful ♥
    and i love, love ♥ this heart with butterflys in it ♥

    ♥ tatjana

  14. A wonderful poem dear Renilde
    The colours and the flow of your painting made me hear some waves
    in a warm beautiful day by the woods

    lots of love

  15. I love the flow and ebb of the words and your interpretation- so calming and connected they make me feel.
    We all influence one another and are in a big blue sea :)

  16. Such wonderful words and your painting is so strong and vulnerable at the same time. Thank you for showing, I like it very much! Meike ♥

  17. you make it very palpable, and neruda's words understandably translate well under your brush and colours.
    beautiful, beautiful lines. great metaphors...!
    and blue, he? ;)))

  18. You don't know how much I love underwater scenes...some time ago I even collected photos of women under water, because of their floating and lightness. So of course I love your painting, perfect interpretation of the chosen words! And the butterflies, too...they flew right into my heart!

  19. You interpretation of the poem is again wonderful, I totally drawn to flowing floating underwater worlds its so calming and light like a perfect meditation. Your rusty heart is just gorgeous, a wonderful piece!

  20. Renilde, as always, your art is magical!
    you may well illustrate a book of poems by Pablo Neruda. I have no doubt of it!

  21. Anouther wonderful drawing of you Renilde with the words of Pablo neruda...I love the blue colours!
    ♥ Sabine