Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a pig and a fish

last week i painted a pig, last sunday
i got this funny pighead as a present ,

all those rainy

one very rainy day i mustered all my courage to tidy up the attic
(after all it felt rather cosy there, rain ticking on the roof)
a most beautiful wasp nest was what i found (among other forgotten things)
now i have added a wasp to the 'animals to paint ' list

i even dress in animals (silly coincidence)

you're still very welcome to the next  drawing challenge



  1. is that a wasp nest????????
    no wasps in it no more then?
    but i can imagine the rain ticking on the roof make for a fuzzy coziness.

    1. no wasp in sight, probably a nest from last summer,in fact it's the start of a nest not completed, they chew fibers of wood very fine and in thin layers they build their nest with that stuff, it 's really paperthin and very light, xx

  2. Hi Renilde!
    I especially like your fish painting. The water is beautiful. Your attic looks like a great place to be on a rainy day... I love the look of your attic. Attics seem to hold magic and mystery for me. Do you own an old home? Hope you are well!

    1. thank you,
      yes Kim, our house was built in 1936, some parts are older,the attic has a good feel about it, x

  3. Oh Renilde, I can hear the rain on the roof, and smell the mustiness up there, and enjoy the grey rays of light. And then to hear that you found a wasp nest! Fabulous! First of all, to have, to paint, and second of all, so that the wasps won't come back (to nest.) Love your fish painting. Talk soon, *hugs* N, x

  4. I just love your animals, Renilde. I would love to go swimming with your beautiful fish in that lighted water. -sus

  5. your attic looks like a beautiful room with nice light. love your pigs and fish paintings. so colorful :)

  6. Your collection of animals is ever expanding and looking great! What a treat :)
    and I love that attic room- and the pram! totally cool

  7. no sé si la pintura del cerdo es sólo un detalle, pero me gusta así, me encanta ese encuadre.

    el avispero = una joya hermosa

  8. the wasp nest looks great! and the pigs are funny.
    now I prepare the keys for the dc! :-) mano