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Saturday, December 14, 2013

dc garland

it's been a while and time does fly,
november was misty and though i like the mist and it's fairy-tale stillness,
it's wooly effect and air of mystery,
i also felt a kind of mist in my head,
 it was filled with worries,questions, thoughts and answers 
and no room seemed left to come to this place, i felt better being just on my own.

from time to time treasured artwork on my walls and in the cabinet reminded me of you,
sometimes just a circle, a ladder, moon and stars, a little bird,
 pictures of trees and castles or
needlework, scissors, a color and a child at play, it all meant something more...

this week sweet Nadine presented us with a fun theme
and i felt like painting a garland.
(those funny things which can change a room's atmosphere instantly, even the most dreary and desolate ones)

december will be very busy here but i have already an intention for 2014;
to hang out here and enjoy it 

love you all
have a nice weekend