Saturday, December 14, 2013

dc garland

it's been a while and time does fly,
november was misty and though i like the mist and it's fairy-tale stillness,
it's wooly effect and air of mystery,
i also felt a kind of mist in my head,
 it was filled with worries,questions, thoughts and answers 
and no room seemed left to come to this place, i felt better being just on my own.

from time to time treasured artwork on my walls and in the cabinet reminded me of you,
sometimes just a circle, a ladder, moon and stars, a little bird,
 pictures of trees and castles or
needlework, scissors, a color and a child at play, it all meant something more...

this week sweet Nadine presented us with a fun theme
and i felt like painting a garland.
(those funny things which can change a room's atmosphere instantly, even the most dreary and desolate ones)

december will be very busy here but i have already an intention for 2014;
to hang out here and enjoy it 

love you all
have a nice weekend


  1. I love your painting! You can still see and feel the mist, the dark days of november. And even your garland is not very outspoken in colors, it changes everything, the whole atmosphere! I love both things and how great they work together, the grey and your really funny garland. A not forgo the great bird, who looks like he is enjoying himself!

  2. smiling - as always - renilde... : )


  3. Hi, Renilde, I will not say anything new if I say that you are an excellent artist.
    and I think you manage what you propose. (often occurs to me that my idea is not what is on the paper finally)
    I congratulate you, I would say that this painting has "magical realism" as the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  4. G R E A T
    and you make a come back with a bang, because your garland is so festive against the grey of wintertime... i love it a bird is hanging up the string. it is meaningful.
    thxs for playing, renilde...! x

  5. WOW, such a great poetry and lovely nice painted garland !
    ♥ it, Kerstin

  6. Dear Renilde, I am happy you are here, I am often watching your wonderful painting with the bear and the cup and hoping you´re fine.
    so, and now another beautiful work of yours, I love the bird with garland, very romantic.
    and I love what you write about garlands! have a good time
    x Stefanie

  7. Renilde, this is a beautiful, honest and delicate post, I just love your garland, thank you! xo Leena

  8. love love love your garland! it is good to know we all have that misty mind tendency - to be inside with that feeling that ultimately results in the beautiful art you create. thank you for sharing!
    xo stephanie

  9. This is such a lovely piece, and so very much like the world outside of my windows. Your lovely garland would be so sweet in the woods. I love how you have a bird playing with it!

    lovely holidays to you ~

  10. I love your DC Renilde.
    Especially the black bird.
    And thank you for the kind comments :)

  11. It's been so long!! I do hope everything is fine on your end- this painting I've missed your style- is poetic and perfect representation for this time of year- we are having a lot of gray fog and I have so many black birds around me- very comforting! big hug!

  12. So sweet to have you back amid the challengers, my dear Renilde. You have been missed by me!
    This painting is as always full of lots of meanings and mystery, I can look a long time...

  13. Renilde this garland of love brings colour to a grey realm. This garland lovingly placed amongst nature, in the tree branches of this grey forest that is called November in my mind's eye. This garland that is made of symbols of friendship, of common feeling and interests and aspirations and of shared silences from time to time...this garland has names hanging from it as well though they cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is our names. We love you too, hugs, Norma, x

  14. beautiful words, beautiful painting. My words are struggling right now, but I know I love your creations and this post. Thank you for sharing.

  15. ik zou zweren dat ik al had gereageerd.....

    ik kom hier elke dag
    om te genieten van je fijne garland
    zo feestelijk al die kleurtjes
    in een witte mistige wereld
    fijn dat je er weer bent!

    dikke xx
    en een knuffel

    Patrice A.

  16. Wonderful, just wonderful! Love that fragile, fine-coloured garland and the eyes of the bird! Love that little tree hanging in the tree... ;o)

  17. I'm happy you are back for this dc with this wonderful garland, so poetic, so fine.
    love, mano

  18. Renilde,
    what a curious bird...i like the expression and offering. I was away too perhaps for longer. it's great to see your work again. I missed the smokey effects like a warm night snow evaporating into mist. beautiful

  19. Such a sweet and peaceful post...I love the sharp, fine details of the garland against the hazier look of the trees. What a nice touch. Words often escape me too.