Sunday, June 17, 2012

and the grass kept swaying


  1. Hi, Renilde, really, I must say that this is Fantasy!
    I do not really know the correct definition of "fantasy" but I can see with my eyes and feel when something is fantastic
    Obviously, if someone does something fantastic, it is because that person has magic
    because that magic is what makes you choose the lines and colors just right, and the subject of your painting
    MAGIC! in you
    Good week for you!

  2. I could see the grass coming from your last post and was waiting for the final result :) Some of my favorite color combinations- really lovely!

  3. Stunning, Renilde. I am just starting to use gouache in my sketch book and this work is an inspiration! -sus

  4. ooo....

    your such a grand artist!!

    I am the host for this week
    and hope you will join

    Patrice A.

  5. lovely AND scary at the same time, i like it oh so much! love julia

  6. So, so very beautiful! I always feel I am entering another world when I view your works - a place where imagination, truth and beauty are more important than reason, logic and materialism. Thanks for sharing this! Much love to you.