Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drawing challenge/ favourite object

small clay figure, once brought from a flea-market in France (for
many years, on weekends and holidays
 we wandered through that great country, visiting friends, cities and villages,
lots of brocante shops and markets) it was an amazing time full of surprises
and  this little man always brings back those memories.

just a few days ago,one morning coming down the stairs i was totally
surprised and enchanted by this lampshade my partner made.
using all kinds of bits and pieces we gathered over the years
he made this beauty, and at the moment, well certainly is 
my favourite object.

please have a look for more participants at 
Helen's wonderful blog, in the nick of time she came up with this
amusing theme

have a nice weekend


  1. Renilde

    I actually gasped at that beautiful glass chandelier your partner made for you then I glanced sideways at my partner and sighed. You are one lucky girl heeheehee! I just didnt get one of those partners the making kind. But he does gove me good presents tho so I mustn't complain ;)
    That little clay figure you captured beautifully in your sketch. Very nice indeed.

    Enjoy your beautuful light Renilde !

    Helen x

  2. OH!!! Diese Lampe wäre bei mir auch ein Lieblingstück! Sehr schönes Teilchen. Se klitzert und klimpert bestimmt schön ;)

    Liebe Grüße . Tabea

  3. the little french clown is adorable. his filtered colors give him warmth.

    enchanted indeed, i love glass bead and drops, and color to boot! i call these dizzle dazzle.

    most of the flea markets i've been to are disappointing, filled with junk. garage sales are more likely to yield a treasure. antique shops are the best.

    happy weekend.

  4. What a gorgeous magical surprise you had coming down the stairs to see that precious art lamp. It sparkles and moves and is just really beautiful. Your partner must have been so full of anticipation about how you would see it the very first moment!!
    That drawing of the figure looks interesting. Is the sketch complete? I like the two other characters just out of sight.
    Well this was a fun post Renilde! *smiles* Norma

    1. thanks Norma, yes, just a quick sketch in one of last years sketchbooks to test a new felt pen, scribbled between some other sketches.

  5. your trips to and through france sound very appetizing and laid back. it's a country i don't know well enough, i always feel.
    your love made this? as a surprise? what a delight!

    1. yes he did, yes a surprise, he hung it up in the hallway last week and since then i have impulses to climb up and down the stairs just to look at it :)

  6. renilde, i've never seen such a beautiful lamp. lucky you! what a loving gift!

    and the small, charming french, with heart in hand. love!

  7. and must be like a miracle
    when sun is shining through the
    colored glass!
    it is beautiful

    Patrice A.

  8. What a talented big-hearted partner you have!
    Don't ever let him go! ;o)

  9. So very beautiful..both you art and clay figure..beautiful soul..and yes must bring bakc some fabulous and magical memories!! Gorgeous photos of the colored enchanting!!

  10. Oh, Renilde, what a lovely blog. Your special lampshade is drop dead beautiful. Little man is a happy memory! so glad to meet you - sus

  11. I would like to walk the stairs too just to look at that lampshade ... it's so pretty :)