Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still redecorating

After many tough and also blurred years dealing with all 
kind of consequenses of a severe car accident we had,
it really feels like we are starting a new last.
Things were already pointing that direction,
 not at least with the arrival of a beautiful grandson last year,
 and now... with repainting 
the rooms....YES, we got through....other times has arrived.

We bought an old shool cabinet at the local auction house,
(inside it smells school like and has ink stains in the bottom part)
my partner did a brilliant job painting it 
(why not do a total make over and change the furniture as well)
light, light...let there be light!

Do you remember  Body, heart and soul,
as you can see i came across three old wooden balls,
which seemed just right , so i replaced the three ladies,
i like it better now.


  1. yes
    let's there be light
    inside and around

    Patrice A.

  2. it's looking great, happy redecorating!


  3. :)))
    wow. what can i say?
    i didn't know this about you.
    the cabinet looks won-der-ful!
    what a paint job, and a good one at that...
    ah, your place looks stunning.
    this gives me hope. it does.

  4. Renilde, everything in your place looks so peaceful and harmonious - the colors and all the little added touches, such simple joy evident in every detail! Yes, the bad times are definitely behind you. In such a place, only good can happen.

  5. Renilde, this is very beautiful, you have some very valuable things there, right?
    I am sending you a hug

  6. Dear Renilde,
    your schoolcabinet looks very tidy and cheerful - and really a brilliant painter job!
    Your room with all treasures of the ocean is successful. Even body, heart and soul are on a good place.
    I wish you and your partner rosy times with light and love...


  7. you make me wanna do a makeover... you have such beautiful things surrounding you, very interesting!
    and keep on sweet woolfi, you can do it!!, hugs, julia

  8. crisis means change. and your change is full of light.
    that makes me happy :o)

    and thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures with us!
    i love the blue/red magical box!

  9. The painting of the cabinet really makes a nice showcase for your lovely art pieces and other wonderful things. What a lovely cabinet Renilde!

    Sending beautiful thoughts to you and yours...*smiles* Norma

  10. your redecorated home looks so congenial and harmonious and the light school cabinet is so beautiful. I love all the little details, especially the three ladies, the shell boxes, th wooden sailor...
    I wish you all the best for your new start, dear renilde!

  11. Here's to your new chapter! May it be full of love, joy, and some boredom.
    Your cabinet is a really nice place to show the things you love.
    Hugs to you Renilde.......Carole

  12. heart and soul into your home, it is how your are, i just know it.

    arranging things.

    eclectic decorations....

  13. Thank you so much for all your nice words and wishes,they make me happy.

    It was such a joy to place my treasured things in the cabinet, old glasses that belonged to my grandmother i never knew (she died before i was born), gifts from friends and the shell boxes from fea-markets and thrift shops(i love how they are all patiently made, shell by shell and each one a bit different)shells never loose their magic and they bring such a summery feeling.

    Thanks and a big X to all of you.

  14. Licht in iedere foto, en ook magie, liefdevolle magie en harmonieuze kleuren en details. Lieve Renilde mag iedere dag vanaf nu vol licht, harmonie en magie zijn. ik gun het je allemaal en meer, je brengt joy in mijn leven en in dat van anderen.