Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drawing challenge/ I

how it went ;  i first painted a portrait of myself, spontaniously,
let my brush glide over the paper without much thinking.
it was my intention whether i would like the result or not,
 showing you this result because there would me a lot 
of me in the image doing it this way.

then i asked my partner to take a photograph of me in
a simular pose (showing him the painting he asked me
if it was my intention to take off my clothes for the photo ;)
the ones of you following me here already know
my work is often symbolic :)

i have small ears but i am a good listener
i listen in images and colors
i love talking to people but i like to be by myself
when i am worrying or in pain i really need to be alone
i learned to get in balance more easily
i became happier the older i got
i like to dance
i have big hands, i like using them
i am sensitive to atmospheres and moods
i don't reveal myself easily but my friends know me very well
i found some answers, i still have many questions 

'I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere
in which I could breathe, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living'
Anaîs Nin

This interesting theme was presented to us by sweet and creative Patrice,
please take a look at her beautiful blog for more 'I's'

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. dear, dear Renilde
    so good to see you
    and I LOVE the image with you
    standing next to your drawing
    what moved me the most, as it often does
    are your words....
    I had to smile about your husband's question
    and enjoyed the description you gave of you

    thank you for sharing
    I hope to see you someday
    to give you a big hug!

  2. Very striking painting, Renilde - it leapt out at me from the blog follow feed!! Superb details in the photos of you next to the art - that's fantastic as it shows exactly where the art starts.

  3. Renilde I would love to sit and tell you in person what I see in that painting you did. It is so fabulously enchanting. The photo of you right beside the painting is a strong visual. This would make a great magazine interview feature interview with the artist type presentation. How is that for a sentence?! Well I love your work, period. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. YOU are the winner of my decorated envelope that I offered up last week, so I'll need your snail mail address so I can send it to you; and also the name/address of what you'd like me to put on the envelope if it is different that yours. Talk soon, N. xo

  4. J'aime beaucoup cette peinture, d'abord pour cette harmonie de couleurs qui me rend joyeux, aussi pour l'allégorie qu'elle porte. L'effet visuel est surprenant.



  5. Hello,
    dear Renilde!
    I love your photo next to your painting... like a mirror.
    Indeed, you are a very good listener, sensitiv, 'between the lines'.
    What I value about you is, next to your paintings, the boon of finding the right words, ever with love and respect.

    Thank you.


  6. Such lovely heartfelt words Renilde which reveal you to me more than photo.
    I really love your artwork the symbolism and colour and how confidently you put brush on surface.
    Its lovely to 'see' you I think you are a very interesting person internally and externally.

    PS: Im so loving your hair......:)

  7. i think today, we often view life and each other, as a blur. we do need to be careful of our friendships. revealing your true self to others is a special gift, not given lightly, and rightly so.

    self portrait, all of you is present, the real you, is neither the garments, nor the skin. the spirt, the heart, the mind, no one sees. the trinity of you, creates art, painting and writing. you garden is grace.

    wonderful painting, wonderful words.

    thank you.

  8. Wow, Renilde - this painting is a knock-out. I, too, am growing happier the older I am getting. Great quote from Anais. -sus

  9. i really like your procedure.
    i also love the reaction of your partner, by the way. curiously investigating.

    so. you're slowly walking up the stairs, renilde. ...
    the symbolism of that! powerful.
    the picture of you is moving.
    why, you've only let yourself be born through nin, that's grand!

  10. tus palabras acompañan de manera especial el autorretrato.

    difícil no sonreír con la pregunta de tu pareja :)

  11. Oh Renilde you look as if your walking into a vortex of magic in this piece- and I really like the photo relationships! and had to laugh at your partners reaction to the request- tongue and cheek ;)

  12. Renilde, I love the comparison of the painting and you, it's really amazing!
    And please tell me what it's like to listen in colours and images. I can't imagine that!

    ♥ tanïa ♥

    1. Talking to people their words are transformed into images and colours that match the mood of their words, to my mind's eye (i guess lots of people experience this).
      Some images are so clear, powerful and telling they become part of, or total paintings later. x

  13. hello renilde,
    thank you so much for your comment! that's a great idea to combine paintings with photographs of yourself. and it's something new to take the photo after the painting :)
    best regards, annelie :)

  14. I love spontanity and freedom in your working process! It is a lovely painting with some mystery, too! Thank you for the beautiful and honest words:) x Leena

  15. i love that quote by Anaîs Nin ♥
    and you are so sweet :)


  16. i like the dialogue between your painting and the photo.
    beautiful you!
    thank you for sharing!!

  17. oh my beautiful renilde, can't stop looking at you and your painting the balance between what we can see and what you wrote, is deeply impressing. and if i read your words, i feel how true and wise chaka khan is, because i feel it again:
    “ i'm every woman, it's all in me“ and in each one of us! love, my supersensitive friend, julia

  18. Dear Renhilde,
    this is really a successful portrait of yourself - both painting and photography, and I always admire when others can write what I'm at least able to feel. Wonderful.