Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take me to green

(click to enlarge)


  1. Renilde, do you know what?
    I think your dream world is immense
    the world of your dreams is your inspiration, right?
    I love the paintings depicting the world of dreams
    because they are what I think are the most away from the reality of every day
    and that's what I want to see
    Byeeeeeeeeee congratulations, love this painting!!! :)

  2. wow renilde!! you painted my horse!! he's in heaven since a while, but looked like yours, now he has some more legs and he would love that! wonderful, dreamy painting!

  3. Oh I loved this as soon as I saw the little picture blogger shows me first! I have a long love of horses and the way this couple is being carried away is wonderfully emotional!
    such a Joy to see what your up to :)

  4. Renilde this is such a whimiscal painting I really love the embracing figures the block of pattern and that wedge of red is divine.

    Such beautiful work!

    Helen x

  5. One more beautiful vision from the land of dreams - except that you make this world seem so real, so within reach!

  6. This is absolutely stunning!!Whenever i see you work...i fall in love with art even are beautiful..and your paintings are brilliant and touch my soul!
    PS; scrolling through some of the posts i have missed,..wowness is all I can say...and magnificent!!( loved your "I" post)