Wednesday, June 27, 2012


rhubarb leaf and seeds
sumak, herb brought from Turkey
carnations and candytuft
red basil
yummy juicy
'50 plaster doll with lightbulb beneath her long dress from the thrift shop


  1. Luscious indeed! Thank you so much Renilde, for once again bringing some of your beautiful colors into my very gray day!

  2. Hi, Renilde, let me tell you something: Do you have that doll?
    It is a beauty, too bad that the paint is damaged, Ohhhhhhh.... :(((((((

    but she still retains its beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok. Renilde. I send you a big hug :)))))))

  3. yes Roberto, couldn't resist to buy her, her eyes and mouth still there, it's possible to restore her, but i like her this way too :) x

  4. beautiful color combination in this series :)

  5. Keep her as is she would make a fabulous subject for a digital artwork. Restored through photoshop but kept in her current condition might be the solution. Fresh plum!!!!! I have a few months left waiting for the stone fruit season. Its apples and pears season.

    Happy weekend Renilde!

    Helen :)