Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday and the day before

the fox and the raven were waiting for me in the thrift shop

a tired dove landed on my open door and peeped inside,
i tried to chase her away because the cats had noticed her too
she wouldn't go,so i gave her water and some bread
afterwards she sat on the roof and left

basket of soap from the flea-market

work in progress



  1. Hi, Nelleke. it's nice to know more about the person you know and love as an artist. good to see these photos and read what you say, which occurs in one of your days, because in this way, the distances between the creative and observant becomes shorter
    the creative stops being that person that is distant in his studio creating, and observant, feels more like himself, both sensitive human beings :)
    I am sending you a kiss, great artist!

  2. Oh, sorry I made a big mistake, I called Nelleke!
    forgiveness, Renilde, RENILDE I'm so sorry!
    SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Roberto don't worry when i was a little girl lots of people called me Hilleke so your Nelleke made me :) x

    2. Hi, Renilde, I came to see if you'd forgiven me, Thanks! :)))))))

  3. the soap in the basket is so beautiful and I like the wooden fox and raven, the wolf and your wild bunch of garden flowers very much!

    1. it's just soap in a basket but yes it is beautiful, thanks x

  4. I understand, that work in progress means a new painting!!
    Nice to come into your mind, dear Renilde!!!
    (If this is ever possible, e?).

    1. sweet Monika, i guess words and images make that possible to a certain point ;) x

  5. los mercados siempre son fuente de inspiraciĆ³n.

  6. all this time, i'm thinking.
    i want it to a woolf...
    so, yeah.
    i think it is a woolf too.

  7. yes it is , guess you were on my mind some of the time ;) x

  8. Your "work in process" is intriguing....I wonder what the wolf is up to?
    Poor dove. We've had some ring necked doves cooing in the trees in our neighbour's yard. Such a pleasant sound.
    Happy days to you Renilde!