Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunny and a little rain....

but mostly sunny. There seems to be a tendency towards orange in my house lately :),
and other vibrant colours (embroidered handbag from the flea-market, obviously irresistable).
This evening the rain came and the garden got filled with pearls and scent.

Sorry for my late reaction to all the drawing challenge participants,
other lovelies needed my attention , but fairy-tales were never faraway.


  1. Love sunny and rainny days too, both are special :)
    Your pictures are so colorful, hope you are doing well, hugs from Mex :)

  2. nice pictures, the little man(?) is so cute!

  3. orange is such a happy colour dear Renilde : )
    Good it rains in the evenings... the opposite is not fun!

  4. those curls take all the attention. soo cute :D

  5. Hi, Renilde!!!!
    Beautiful pics!!!
    I got in my garden the same flowers that i see en the last pic!!!!
    OK. lets do a courtain!!!! haha. Thanks a lot for your comments, always so nice and lovely!!!!

  6. You photographed your thoughts..
    The Baby-picture is so lovely..
    Have a good weekend (already?)!!!

  7. Good morning, dearest Renilde!
    When I look at your wonderful pictures I spot a golden thread:
    That curling and circling, its too funny! the eyes, complementary oranges, embroidered flowers, hair of your cute grandson, waterdrops and shape of aquilegia (oh, love the colour and her flouncy dresses!)

    Hope to see you this weekend with paperdoll/drama at Norma?