Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drawing challenge / fairy tale

there is the innocence and the depravity,
the good and the bad,
there  is the tension, the growing danger ....

untill that moment of magic when 
the unexpected happens,
the good defeats the bad
and they (usually) live happily ever after.

black paper and scissors to create that 'moment of magic'

please pay a visit to Tatjana's wonderful, poetic blog,(a fairy-tale on its own)
and immerse yourself in a wonderful world .

an enchanting weekend to you all X 


  1. it´s a beutiful work, i like it, the black and white paper is realy expressiv... Romana

  2. cool, i like paper art very much.

    greetings and have a nice weekend

  3. me too, I love that strong white and black.
    Again such a lovely artwork!
    x Stefanie

  4. Renilde,
    you are such an artist
    is there anything you can't do?
    I love the black and white
    strong and expressive
    great piece!!

    Patrice A.

  5. i like how you and ariane have been cutting away on black paper to make outlines. very dramatic, remeniscing fretwork, an all time favourite of mine.

  6. thank you for this great moment!
    thank you very much!

  7. enchanted life
    against the odds
    triumphant entry
    the final drama
    thrills us all

    this is thrilling art my friend. I love this.

  8. wonderful renilde, your work and your words, you said it all!!! love♥♥♥ julia

  9. como una ilustración antigua.
    cuando los cuentos eran leyendas,
    eran misterios.


  10. oh renilde! i love this silhouette. strong and beautiful! and yes! you said it all!

    thank you!!!

  11. That is so true, in a good fairytale there are present several sides of life! Tank you for the wonderful silhouette, beautiful!

  12. Renilde, the way you shot the photos of your art piece to reveal the story slowly is so delicious. What a nice cutting. It makes me want to pick up the scissors and some paper. I haven't done it in quite a while. I enjoyed this a lot! is true...things work out in the end. *smiles* Norma

  13. Dear Renilde,
    your are a wise woman.
    And your silhouette is just stunning.
    I love it, that you come closer to the whole story when you make a step back and show us the big picture. (You know what I mean? For me its difficult to tell in English)


  14. yes! I love how we come to the story slowly drawing back to see the larger picture! And I am always ready to see paper cuts! they are wonderful :)

  15. I love silhouettes - yours is wonderful and your words are true.. I love your moment of magic!

  16. Wow ..this is so very beautiful Renilde!!Visiually gorgeous and so very entrancing as you gaze at it..especially the very last mesmerizing..and also in black it totally opens up a realm of colors in your imagination the longer you stay and follow the pulls me inside..I love it!!! Wonderful..magical! you are such a brilliant artist on so many levels!

  17. This is very very beautiful, i like your photos ...


  18. thanks for all your comments my dears, they do matter, they make me smile and carry on, x

  19. oh wow renilde! those paper cuts (like ariane :)) demonstrating the not so fluffy sparkly aspects of real fairy tales...the dark and the light, yes, indeed! ...and at that magical moment....when hope is all but lost...a miracle!
    just wonderful!!!
    and yes, my view is ridiculous. i am spoiled on this planet. spoiled rotten.

  20. Im sure I responded to this post Renilde....but Im happy to tell you again how I am a big fan of silhouettes and your drawing challenge piece.
    This was a great idea and I really like how you used the black and white, paper and scissors, good and evil......opposites that culminate in the magic when they come together.