Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm just gazing at the walls, the light outside playing 
with the new colour inside.  I love the effect,  i live on cloud nine(also colour-wise).
Carefully putting nails in the virginal walls, not too much , let the 
rooms tell me where they want to be decorated, where they need a (fairy) tale ;)
In the kitchen, the curtains are dyed, 'goldfish orange', a bright sun in the sky.
Everything ready, just in time , let the guests arrive!

I've been very busy, but i will visit you all very soon,
have a happy weekend X


  1. mmm....
    mooi dat zachte grijs blauw
    met oranje gordijnen
    alsof de zon altijd schijnt!

    fijne dagen
    x Patrice

  2. Nice colors around you..
    I think it's pale blue (the walls)and the orange curtains..
    Very tasteful!!!

  3. Looks fantastic Renilde! Yes- relish the new space and let it tell you how to proceed in the decor dept.
    Love the curtains- wow what a great color- have a wonderful time with your company :)

  4. What great new surroundings - so clean and light. I know you'll create wonderful things with this fresh perspective!

  5. it looks so fresh and beautiful. i looooove the color of your curtains, very warm.

  6. wow ... the result is very nice ... i really like that pale bluish/greyish color on your walls :)
    have a great weekend renilde.

  7. It looks fabulous! I've never seen ceilings like the ones in your place....very nice feature! Happy visiting with your guests, Renilde.

  8. allow me to be positivey jealous about your progress. [i can live with it, and certainly with the prospect of it, but boy, long way to go yet, here.]
    but i love what i see in your place, honey! fanastic colour combo's. wow! i can imagine you sit right down, and enjoy.

  9. congratulations! It looks fantastic and I love your beautiful decoration. :-)