Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drawing challenge / pompon and/or skirt

Mowing my little lawn this week, pompons were on my mind....
a carpet of grass pompons would be nice but then... there was also this amusing and lovely young lady!
So instead of making a carpet i painted :

The girl with a sense for pompons

Please take a look at Stefanie's blog and discover a world of pompons and/or skirts.

Have a nice weekend! X


  1. Oh Renilde, this is sooooo nice! I love your painting, it is wonderful, I miss words for to describe in English... and the first idea is great, too, a grass pompon!
    Thank you,
    x Stefanie

  2. Dear Renilde,
    wow! what a great idea: a grass pompon! Fantastic!
    Even your dreamy painting of that girl look alike Stefanie with sence for pompons... marvellous!


  3. Oh this grass pompom is so nice and funny!
    And a beautiful painting.

  4. love the idea for the grass pompom, and your painting is great,

    have nice weekend

  5. Hi Renilde, I think more than a year or two I come to your blog, and every time I came, I have never disappointed. You always leave me open-mouthed, :)
    I loved this grass pompom
    Have a nice weekend!
    I am sending you a hug and a kiss :))))))))))))))

  6. Renilde! Pompoms in the sky. Magical. This could be a magazine illustration it is so completely wonderful. I am definately going to be looking up to see if I can see any pompoms in the sky. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. love your grass pompom. It is delicate and a lovely green. Maybe it could be hung from the ceiling in the kitchen!

  7. I love your grass pompom - great idea to imitate!
    and your drawing is so so so beautiful, lying on soft pompoms, looking to the pompomsky...
    xx mano

  8. renilde
    i can't decide what i like best.
    your grass pompom (clever!)
    or your beautiful, expecting pompom drawing.
    postcard, darling!

  9. Im the same I love the grass pompom because it reminds me of your garden Renilde but then I love your drawing because secretly I want it for myself! hahaha

    I was going to try spaghetti ;) but didnt get around to it now I think I want to try it pompom spaghetti sounds fun to eat.

    Have a wonderful day. Helen x

  10. Renilde, I love your painting. It has such a dreaminess to it!
    You could market you grass pompoms to rabbit owners. I can only imagine how much fun a bunny would have with them!

  11. that painting!
    beautiful and dreamy
    a portrait of Stefanie
    the girl with the sense
    for pompons
    but that grass pompon
    is THE best!


  12. me gusta el arte de Stefanie. gracias por compartir.

  13. love both the grass pompoms and the painting :)