Saturday, May 5, 2012

Drawing challenge / Underwaterlife/love

In my bathroom, at the opposite wall of the bath, there 
are this old shool pictures  so i was thinking about
Julia's watery theme this week each time i was bathing :)

Who could guess looking at the sea or ocean's surface
that deep down there is this incredible amazing colourful world with the 
strangest of creatures ....comparable perhaps with 
the 'underwater world' living in us...

Please dive into the intriguing world of Julia's blog for more underwaterlife/love.

Have a lovely weekend, X


  1. so interesting pictures, must be great to watch them while having a bath...
    and I love the two heads, amazing work!
    x Stefanie

  2. Dear Renilde,
    ...our inner underwaterworld, oh, its very mysterious.
    As your beautiful paintings with transparent, lucent heads and bodies from corals like blood vessels. What size is it? You draw such detailed... wow.

    On the last image, are these jellyfishes... or open mouths?
    Your underwater life/love is fantastic!


    1. ha Ariane, washing out my brushes and mixing tray under a running tap delivered me this creatures :) x

  3. qué bien hecho está! la tortuga, el pulpo, los corales... chapeau!

  4. really a beautiful painting, so fantastic colours and so sweet marine creatures! I love the turtle!! xx mano

  5. okay. i drool over your vintage plates! i actually sought the whole house for my tiny reproductions, for inspiration, and ended up drawing from memory, but that's another story.
    ah yeah. the waterworld in us. i never thought about that before. you're right. we've all these swimmy thoughts and actions...
    the turtle...! oh, and the seaweed upside down. wonderful torsos.

  6. like Nadine
    I LOVE your vintage plates
    must be great looking while having a bath
    (we do not have a bath, just a shower ;^((

    your paintings so, so beautiful
    like Ariane I had to think of blood vessels
    our inner underwater world
    how your imagination works
    just wonderful


  7. Hey I like this painting, with two beings of love under water
    I guess the ocean is something poetic, and it will be because at first it was our home, right?
    I got your hearts, and I have saved on my file for the next post, thank you very much dear Renilde :))))))))))))))))))

  8. Renilde your art is awesome! Just stunning. It's wonderful to see the roots in that visual. It's strong and arresting. Love this.
    Those little creatures in the bottom painting are creepy in a wonderful way. If I was in the water and saw those coming my way...well...I'd be screaming like a girl. *smiles* Norma

  9. dear renilde. your fantastic pictures are so unique.
    admire your wonderful view of the world. love!

  10. Renilde

    oh my I really love this series of images. The ocean creature heads are fantastic. Such original thought and to be able to paint them out so we can see them is kinda special I think. I love looking at your work it really is wonderful.

    Helen :)

  11. my dear renilde, what a kiss this will be! i have to think about the babys they maybe make;) wonderful artwork, love, julia

  12. Thank you for these mysterious, beautiful images with charming colors! And the underwater world is in us, too:) x Leena

  13. Oh I love those diagrams in your bath ;) and how unique your painting is such an imagination! I am always left smiling after a visit here Thank You!

  14. Oh my gosh, I'd love to have a bath at your place! Your painting is so beautiful. I love the fish lips and can imagine a lot of kissing going on! I hope your weekend was fabulous!

  15. i can relate to your painting- that´s the way i feel sometimes.
    more connected with the water in me. you painted it so beautifully.
    thank you!

  16. This painting gives me such a peaceful feeling of all things being one in the world, just like being near the sea! Thank you for this beautiful work.