Saturday, May 26, 2012

Drawing challenge / Paper doll drama

Between the folds of her skirt lives a little girl, a litttle girl blowing bubbles.
She knows that little girl, but she's not always aware of her presence .
Though sometimes the tickling of the bursting bubbles makes her giggle...
or sigh , or smille.
(She knows now, some dreams are meant to be just dreams.)

The beauty of the shiny bubbles will keep surprising her and the little girl  doesn't 
make any preparation to leave (she will probably live there forever).

For more paper doll drama please visit the wondrous world of 

Happy weekend! X


  1. so beautiful!
    so magical, romantic... is it a self-portrait?
    say hello to the little girl
    x Stefanie

  2. muy interesante este desafĂ­o lanzado por Norma. me ha gustado mucho.

  3. Hi, my dear Renilde, I come to see Stefanie's paper doll, and really, both yours and Stefanie's are two works of art!!!!!. I love when you open the dress, and one can see the picture, great! (the girl without a face is a great mystery which I love)
    You are a great and admired artist, as always! ♫

  4. So wonderfully clever I love it! -as usual;)
    I am wondering like Stefanie if it is a self portrait...
    Hope you have a great weekend! x

  5. thank you, renilde.
    this has been HIGHLY entertaining. reminding me of the girl with the match sticks as well, it still very much makes me think of you and of your style i have seemingly come to recognize and appreciate so well. your magic works perfect for this kind of movable drama, which is just fantastic.
    and yes! i am enjoying those blue skies. i also think the orange peppers are beginning their beguine. do you think it is possible?

  6. Beautifully done and so loving the magical element in this beautiful piece. Annette x

  7. Ohhh,
    dear Renilde,
    That breathtaking moment of pulling the thread that lifts her arms and open her wide skirt!
    And than your words... that story!

    Well, for me its totally clear that you show us a selfportrait.
    And look! Aren't there some shiny bubbles flying through your garden?!


  8. beautiful expression of the inner child. i love the trinket, to pull the string, revealing dreams.

    good job!

  9. this is stunning!
    I love everything about it.

  10. perfect Renilde

    really lovely the story and the gorgeous paper doll I love how the skirt parts to reveal the little girl within blowing bubbles. Very clever!

  11. dearest Renilde,

    ah, your words
    they moved me
    a little girl blowing bubbles
    which makes her giggle
    I love that
    and your work, as always, so fine
    I love the softness, the light blue
    and that bird!
    great job Renilde, it seems that every theme
    fits you well


  12. Lovely work! For some reason (no idea what reason!)I've been doing quite a lot of 'big dress' girls lately, there seems to be a whole world to explore within the fabric, so many possibilities! :)
    Jess xx

  13. a blue women with a beautiful secret - this is so magical und fabulous. I wished I could see this little girl in my garden - the kingfisher is here already! xx mano

  14. Magical and mystical indeed! Another beautiful work that seems to be from another world but also reaches out to me here in this one...

  15. hi renilde,

    thank you for your nice words about ladelle... : )

    i very much relate to your doll; she reminds me of me, and i love the delicate soft way in which you've painted her. and i also love how her arms bring the skirt up to reveal her!

    very nice to meet you and your beautiful work.



  16. Wonderful! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day****

  17. Renilde, she is so serene and calm and beautiful. I love the coloration throughout. Those blues! The sweetness here is exactly what we need in our lives. What a beautiful creation you have made. I love your painting style. You have your very own style. I sure hope that I have my own one of these days! This is really nice and I love her. *smiles* Norma

  18. hi Renilde, i love this!!!! such a great idea ♥ ♥ ♥

  19. this is gorgeous and so inventive! love it!

  20. WOW!! that is all I can say!