Saturday, February 25, 2012

Drawing challenge / Monogram

Forest of monograms
(result of several sketchbook pages scribbling and playing, 
but not really finding what i was looking for)

(a day later, after visiting the forest again ;))

Our lovely host this week is Patrice, take a look at her stylish blog
to find out who was in to monograms this week.



  1. I do like your forest, there it is possible to visit again and again and always find something new:) thank you Renilde.. and have a nice weekend!

  2. I like your first attempt
    the forest of monograms
    there is so much to find there
    like you I tried to find
    a monogram I could use
    but I run out of time

    thank you for joining!

  3. Yes, the forest of monograms is great. I love monograms. I have one for Momo Luna Signals, as you maybe have noticed. For the second attempt i like happy fiesta and african mask the best.....
    Sweet greetz!

  4. Dear Renilde - it is lovely to see your forest of ideas and how you came to your final monograms. I particularly like 'bird still in the eggshell'.

  5. Dear Renilde,
    wow, the forest of monograms is great... so many different choices!
    ...and my favorite is the version 'zodiac'... with stars.

    Have a nice weekend,
    x Ariane.

  6. my favorite is also the zidiac sign monogram. a genius idea!

  7. dear renilde, you really worked on that, the forest is great! i like the african mask monogram a lo! love, julia

  8. i fall in love with the little notes of explanation next your monograms. they are quirky! they make me laugh and they do complement the initials!
    i was going to say : cheers for the loveliest things you said on my post, but here now i want to return the favour straight away. you've let yourself be inspired by fresh air and nature around, it is powerful, and it shows.
    i am also glad that, apparantly, impressions show in work.
    i am always a little surprised by this, like a child, bewildered.

  9. "lost in the mountains" - my favourite! I love ALL your funny monograms from the forest! happy fiesta, dear renilde!

  10. I love the forest of monograms, I would put that on my wall just as it is! And how funny you named your different monograms, made me laugh and smile! :oD

  11. I really liked the forrest:-) greetings

  12. yes! the forest is amazing! like an architect's dream.

  13. Hello Renilde!!!!!!!!!!!
    always so friendly.
    I have not much experience with color pencils, and always thought it was an easy thing. but I found it very difficult to color with them.
    Oh, look a monogram is so difficult!!!!!!!!!!
    is like going to buy a perfume, you like everyone but you do not know with which to choose ja ja, it's best to leave everything for the next day, and restart, right?
    good week for you

  14. Phew, that's a lot of work there. I love the contrasts in the previous post and the little book is gorgeous :D You're soooo busy :D

  15. Dear Renilde,
    Lost in translation...that was running in my head looking at you forest...
    Try to imagine it in your beautiful 3d boxes....:-)

  16. I am intrigued by your letter forest! and would love to spend some time in there climbing around :)

  17. Renilde
    gaat het goed met je?
    meestal is het hier niet zo lang stil....


  18. dear renilde, i miss you, are you ok?
    wow i can understand what patrice wrote!! big hug, julia

  19. Hi lieve Renilde,
    net als Patrice en Julia vraag ik me af of het goed met je gaat?

    Liefs en xoxo stuur ik je!

  20. Wow ..fabulous..intricate forest!! beautiful!
    Wishing you a beautiful day Renilde..