Saturday, February 11, 2012

Drawing challenge / Umbrella -Parasol

She had to hold on to her red umbrella.

Once a man who had lived for many, many years in a gypsy cart , 
and than moved to a stone house, said to me , 'the thing i 
miss the most is the song of the rain on the roof '.
'Umbrella' made me think of him.

Please take a look at more umbrella's and parasols over here:

                                                    Stephanie ?

                                        A very happy weekend to you all! X



  1. mooi, mooi verhaal
    en prachtig werk, weer!
    vooral die eerste
    die kleuren, het vallen, zweven?
    ach.... als een sprookje


  2. Amazing Renilde! both the paintings ( gosh! the one with the unbrellas and the girl! do you have a place where you sell your art???) and the story touched my heart. It's very sweet to know what people really miss... and somehow it's never a thing. It's a feeling, a scent, a sound...

    1. Thank you Demie, i had an etsy shop for a little while but closed it again because lack of time (one day maybe i reopen it, we'll see), i had several exhibitions but the last one was a couple of years ago also.
      I have been looking for your e-mail address at your blog, but couldn't find one. xx

  3. They make lovely shapes! This looks like a fun assignment!
    Jess xx

  4. wonderful little story. I love the sound of rain drops, too. and the first painting is also so beautiful. I'm so sorry dear renile, but I have no umbrella for you!
    now I must pack my bags! have a sunny weekend, x mano

  5. Dear Renilde,
    wow, its a flowing stream of impressions looking at your paintings.
    So many details to find... as pretty umbrellas fallen like raindrops... that red one with woman!... or faces of raindrops in contact with man. That story fills my heart...

    Thank you for this theme, dear Renilde! I enjoy it very much.


  6. and there it is, the stroke-of-the-brush impression...
    perhaps the rain sounds like the flutter of a handful of butterflies, at times, or it resounds of many faces inside raindrops?....
    who will say?
    and i love your symbolism.

  7. I love that story Renilde..magical..rain on the roof!! gorgeous always intrigue my soul! I love the girl holding onto the red umbrella..she is fantastical! what a gorgeous painting! And the gypsy man..makes me think of a powerful angel..he has an awesome presence !
    Beautiful...dreamy..thankyou for your magic!

  8. What a poetic interpretation Renilde! I love the story it makes the images should do a zine! Your writing and paintings are so wonderful :)

  9. Dear Renilde,
    Beautiful story, so magical, romantic and inspiring...

    Your both drawing and just great..The expression of the man is amazing!! you've mange to capture all your story in his eyes and in the corner of his smile -great work!!!

  10. Parasols, Umbrellas. When I was a little girl I loved parasols, still love them. Gorgeous painting, light and air, dreamy, hold on tight.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. love the first image sooo much. wonderful :)

  12. hermosa tu pintura y hermosas las palabras del hombre.
    poesía = lluvia

  13. come and have a peek and join, if you like, renilde!
    i am thinking, much fluttering love!

  14. Thank you all for your sweet words and for participating, xx