Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drawing challenge/ Butterfly

They have been fluttering through my house all week and 
they are welcome to stay.
I was certainly inspired by Nadine's post last week.
Take a look for more butterflies at her great tiny woolf blog for more.


  1. Oh§ un umbrala made of butterlies! How inspiring!
    I would love the feeling of a butterfly on my cheek : )

  2. I already liked the first image
    of only a cutout
    but that umbrella.... wauw
    and that beautiful blue
    suits it all so well


    I will be the host next week
    please stop by on Monday!

  3. Oh Renilde!!How beautiful.....i am in love and awe-struck by the butterfly parasol...this is one of my new favorites of is absolutely stunning!! wowness! This makes my soul sing!..and fly!

    I love all the butterfly in this post...gorgeous..I feel full of magic now..
    hugs..this was blissful!

  4. And another one of your amazing art-in-the-box work! Love it in the first second I saw it...:-)
    The umbrella is so beautiful...Makes me wonder: where do you get your inspiration to all the people you drawing? (it is the HARDEST thing for me to draw Portrait...)

    1. Dear Hagar, for my faces i usually use photos(brocante finds or new ones) and a mirror; a photo to get the shape and proportions right, a mirror to look at my own face with different expressions.
      I try to work out a face that relates to the rest of the painting and so in the end i'm painting an imaginary girl but to me she is very real in some way.
      Here i used the same photo as i did in an other drawing challenge:

  5. your boxes are sooo beautiful! (I saw the fabulous last post, too!) and the butterfly umbrella is fantastic. I'll paint a butterfly on my cheek...
    have a nice sunday!

  6. Lovely images Renilde - the boxes are like a delightful little theatre set, your butterfly umbrella makes me think how nice it would be to actually have an umbrella with butterflies on it - it would brighten up a rainy day.

  7. your boxes are magical. and here again the umbrella theme ... beautiful!


  8. Dear Renilde,
    as Patrice has said, I've liked already the first view on the outcuts of the butterflies. I've thought about a garland.
    The swarm of butterflies forming an umbrella... wow, a great idea! Fantastic painting, dear.

    x Ariane.

  9. the shadow box is my favorite! Of course your painting is beautiful too ;) xo!

  10. your shadow box is such a wonderful trick! i bet they flutter in there, do they?
    and butterfly shades! imagine the pattern, dappling sunshine filtering through...
    ha. summer. heat. and wings...

    1. yes they do flutter , they hang on a very thin thread so the slightest breath makes them move.x

  11. ha, i'm in love with the second image and the beautiful! the result, the box is amazing, and of course i love that wonderful fluttering umbrella too. so very, adorable, you dear renilde! xx, julia

  12. sólo los ojos ya evocan las alas de una mariposa

  13. Wonderful, wonderful.... i love butterflies, i love the box, i love the painting that makes me smile and hoping it's spring very soon.

  14. Hi Renilde, great job!!!
    Are you anxious for the Spring to arrive? :)
    Have a good week !!!!

  15. Sensitive, I can feel the lightness of the butterflies..

  16. Renilde, I love these boxes you have been making lately! Your work always feels like I am watching a drama or a dance unfold, the same sort of magic one feels at the theater, being drawn into a strange new place with different rules and meanings - and these boxes add to that effect of a world contained within a small space! Lovely!

  17. Hello Dear Nadine,

    I am loving your shadowbox work of late! I have been in that frame of mind too but am far less productive in the studio than you! You inspire me to get a move on! Thank you!
    isn't it wonderful, all the shared ideas? You and Rachel with wings in your hair. :)

  18. Your butterfly-box is adorable! I'm a huge fan of 3D paper arts and mobilés, already made some by myself.
    Also great idea to use a butterfly umbrella for sun protection in summer, I'll try to find butterflies that will do that job for me. ;-)

  19. hello, could you tell me where i can find this kind of umbrella???
    it's very nice! ♥

  20. A beautiful lady with her butterfly umbrella in the Renilde-blue!!
    Nice work!!!!