Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blue owl

There were owls living in my head,
a blue one flew out yesterday.

You are still invited and welcome to the drawing challenge on saturday.


  1. your owl
    so, so beautiful!
    there is an owl
    living in my head for years
    and one of these days
    it will fly
    I know for sure
    after seeing your blue one

  2. Oh wonderful! What a beauty! I am especially fond of his environment :)

  3. beautiful owls renidle! i love barn owls. mysterious creatures flying between two worlds.
    thank you for the invite - i will be away from my desk starting today so i won't be able to join...possibly later. i will come fly over for a visit :)

  4. love your mysterious owl. and the sketch! wonderful!


  5. this owl is soooo beautiful. I wished to see her in my garden!

  6. blue owl
    cosmic eyes
    see through

    blue owl
    found his way
    out of your

    by way
    of art

    into my eyes
    clever owl

    clever you

  7. el buho un animal precioso. lo has llevado al invierno con el color elegido.

  8. dear renilde, i am in love with your owl!!
    we lived many years with a white owl in our barn, i wrote that before, but don't remember where, anyway, one day she bumped into my face, i smelled her under her wing, saw the sunlight trough her white feathers, oh i never never forget that wonderful accident! love, julia

  9. I love his piercing eyes and the wonderful colors of the background. I am glad he flew out!

  10. Hi Renilde, I love your owls !! And your lovely snow photos... no snow for us in Boston, yet. Maybe this weekend!? Thanks for your sweet comment. Take care. Sally

  11. Hallo Renilde!
    I am ( again! ) a bit early on the challenge. Weekends tend to be full of children in this house. It makes it difficult to post anything on my blog! But I'll find time to visit everybody. Are you going to post a list of the participants ?

    xoxo demie

    1. It's allright you being early, don't be bothered about it, we all like for you to participate, i'm sure.
      And yes i will post a list, x

  12. Hi Renilde...i love your mystical gorgeous!! I love the eyes..and the gentle color palette is also strong and powerful at the same time..magnificent!
    I have had birds fly out my head too( one time I thought i had a headache..and then i realized there was a bird inside flapping around in i let him out to be free..and i felt free too)..magical isn't it!

    see you at the drawing challenge!

  13. such a wonderful owl dressed in blues! your background is lovely too ~

  14. Renilde,

    het gaat me niet lukken
    twee zieken hier in huis
    en dat gaat voor


    1. Ach da's jammer maar heel begrijpelijk, beterschap voor de zieken,
      ze zijn in goeie handen, xx

  15. So very wintery and so very beautiful. Owl has become a really fashionable bird recently for some reason... It's everywhere in the stores... I guess the world has grown tired of deers... :) But your own is not that comercial type, that's what I like about it :)

  16. Such a beautiful owl - and of course if it came from your head it would have to be blue!

  17. i love owls. these are so beautiful.