Sunday, February 5, 2012

The house is quiet again, quiet and warm, good memories
of lovely visitors are still in the rooms and on my mind.

Moments come and go, joy, anxiety, relief... and happiness again,

time;  a ribbon of stories, unrolling,  intertwined ribbons.

And outside the snow fell and at once winter became very cold
 but of an enchanting beauty.

The garden has something unreal, as if it is some kind of 
stage where anything unworldly can happen any moment
and you won't even be surprised.



  1. winter gently places snow on everything outside.

    glad you enjoyed your visitors.

    happy there is quiet and warm comforts.

    fireplaces are old fashioned, i love them.

  2. beautiful
    winter wonderland
    your garden looks
    for sure!

  3. Dear Renilde,
    what a gap of inside and outside, a real cold-warm-contrast... and so pretty! both...

    x Ariane.

  4. I'm surrounded by snow and quitness too...

    a lovely week to you
    love from d

  5. A good fire and friendly visitors, what else can we hope for?

  6. absolutely lovely your snow pictures :)

  7. Dear Renhilde, it looks so cosy and warm inside your home, that's wonderful and this snowy winter wondland looks magical.
    xx Barbara

  8. your garden, it is beautiful.
    en de atmosfeer binnenin, die je beschrijft, almost tangible...

  9. It's a truly mysterious garden now - can you hear its quietness? I think I can! Very nice views, almost unreal. Did you like the Kite Runner movie? I haven't watched it, but I've just read the book and it is pretty amazing. I wonder how the movie is.

  10. Thank you, x

    Yes Olga me too i read the book first and saw the movie with the book still clearly in my head, it's a beautiful movie but i recall feeling a bit disappointed then, maybe i have to look again and judge the movie on its own, x

  11. I love these images and your words - they perfectly capture how snow can transform the outside landscape and also the one we carry inside us. Yes, as if anything were possible.