Monday, February 13, 2012

A mailbox is a lovely thing 2

Monica sent me one of her works titled  'Hope', haze  it's hanging 
in my studio waiting for a proper frame.
Monica's work is expressive, full of emotion and touching, take a look 
at this special lady's blog.
Hope is a wonderful thing to send to someone dear Monica, thanks again.

Another package full of surprises, a prize i won, was sent to me by Hazel.
Many of you will know her great blog ' The art room plant'.
She shows work of so many wonderful artists from all over the world
beside her own very clever,  playful work.
Thank  you  Hazel.

Among the beautiful contents, a small, handmade book with the message:
'This book is for playing in.'
In future posts i will show you some of my playing.


  1. Don't you love mail! And what nice things you received now I feel like I got something too :)
    looking forward to seeing your book fill up-xo

  2. so many beautiful and lovely things. lucky you!

    have a nice week!


  3. Isn't it wonderful to have works of fellow artists arrive from far away? Monica makes such beautiful things, anyone who owns one of her works is blessed indeed.

  4. the portrait reminds me of freud (lucian) a little!

  5. Oh, sorry for the late response Renilde. Was vorige week weinig op het internet. Maar dank je voor de lieve post en ik ben blij dat mijn Hope vrouw in goede handen is. :-)
    Ook de andere kadootjes zijn prachtig.