Monday, February 6, 2012

Drawing challenge theme!

(from   Magritte  ideas and images  by Harry Torczyner)

(brocante find)

(George Barbier )

Yes ,you'll have guessed by now,
the theme is

(I've always liked it's shape)

We all have them , loose them, 
throw them away after being caught by a heavy gust  or can't find them when needed.

The umbrella  descended from the parasol which
has been used since ancient times.(Greece, China, Egypt and Assyria)
From the Renaissance on the parasol became a real fashion accessory in the west
and even was a status symbol .

So that now poorly treated object has quite a history.

One for the rain .
One for the sun.

Which shall it be?
The choice is yours.

May i invite you to the drawing challenge of next weekend,
please leave me a comment if you want to join in.
You are all very welcome!


  1. Dear Renilde,
    thank you for your lovely words
    and your informative invitation.
    I'm in... good protected.

    x Ariane.

  2. Dear Renilde- count me in!
    Although umbrella will not help much now- bet yet very nice theme...(and again please let me know what is missing in my blog so you can leav a comment with link to you blog...)Thanks!

  3. Renilde, this will offer a nice distraction for me this week! I'm in!

  4. Hi! I would love to join. I am friends with Rachel and she recommended I join the challenge. I am looking forward to it! Thanks.

  5. lovely renilde, count me in!! xx, julia

  6. dear renilde, wonderful theme - but I don't know whether I have time, because I'm going some days to denmark. I will inform you soon! x mano

  7. dear Renilde,
    although songs keep popping up in my head, like
    Raindrops keep falling on my hat, and
    It is raining men, or
    I am singing in the rain
    I am sorry to tell you that I am not in
    but I am looking forward to see all your umbrella's!

    love x

  8. Hi Renilde..beautiful post..gorgeous images and interesting..I have always been drawn to them and love them. ! I would love to play!

    see you there!

  9. P.S.

    ik moet werken
    er liggen stapels te wachten
    en de administratie
    maar ik wil tekenen
    ik ga het proberen!

  10. Good for you Patrice!! x

    And Dorka you are very welcome, x

    That's ok Mano i'll hear from you, x

  11. i will look forward to all of your parasols! you never know... i may jump in too!

  12. not yet sure... count me in anyway ; )

  13. Dear Renilde,
    Count me in, intersting information and beautiful pictures!
    See you on saturaday!