Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear friends , both my partner and i have been ill the past weeks.
Not only that, my laptop and our car both broke down and had to be replaced.
In the meantime we are feeling a lot better , bought a new car and today i finally felt welll enough to go
out and buy a new laptop.
I even did a liitle bit of painting.

Patrice, Julia and Monica, thanks for your sweet comments.
I have a lot of catching up to do, i missed you too.


  1. nu ben ik gerustgesteld!
    fijn dat je er weer bent
    je violen zijn prachtig


  2. I missed you too, dear Renilde!
    Sometimes things turns to the good side. I'm glad you're fine again.
    Your violets are so very pretty... wonderful. Even the colours on the tissue looks very nice in a abstract way.
    Today I've brought some violets at the market. I like their smell very much.
    Happy spring!

    May I invite you to the next drawing challenge? I'm the host with the theme 'CONNECTION'.


  3. Be well and healthy and nothing else is more important!!!
    (Except gardening) ha!!! :))

  4. Lieve Renilde,

    het is goed je weer te zien op je blog. En ja....het voorjaar komt eraan, mooie viooltjes, tekening en foto.
    Betreffende catching up, doe het rustig aan, dat komt wel.

    heel veel liefs, Monica

  5. i'm glad you are well again ... and painting. those flowers are so pretty :D

  6. It's good to see you back! Glad you are feeling better and sorting out all the breakdowns and now new things. I missed your posts. Spring feels like it arrived here yesterday so your beautiful paintings of pansies are wonderful to look at in keeping with the turning of the seasons.

  7. Things like that always happen in 3's...and I am glad to hear you are feeling better!!
    Flowers are on everyone's mind and I am a fan of the Pansy...lovely paintings, especially the more geometric version ;)
    Big hug!

  8. the last thing i remember is you taking a holiday. i've been dealing heart test and female test. a few heart issues, female issue are fine, so the doc says.

    we are still not gone a travel. hopefully after my check-up with my GYN on the 23rd of this month.

    your art, is refreshing, if missed you and your art.

    happy happy.

  9. i hope you are both feeling back to yourselves. and that you're enjoying your new car. it's so stressful when things we need fail us, but it's exciting to find the new ones too.

  10. tienen muy buena pinta esas flores...

    hola de nuevo :)

  11. i'm so very glad that you are ok dear renilde! what a great start into spring time;)

  12. wonderful, wonderful spring paintings! I'm very happy to hear, that you are fine again! : ))
    love, mano

  13. sorry to hear that :((

    but i am glad you are now feeling better ♥
    hope painting helps alot! XXOO

    take care of yourself,


  14. I was missing you, and happy you are back, feeling well, and painting! It seems everyone is having computer woes lately.
    Your violets are so pretty. I like the contrasting styles.

  15. I came back to check, if you have been ill, i wish you all good health.

  16. Hello

    His work is beautiful!
    Very expressive.
    Already I am his follower.

  17. dear Renilde,
    Happy to hear that you both fell better, and all is replaced by new things...
    Its very aanouing when it seems like everything is happening in the same time isn't it...?

  18. Dear friend, hope you are both better! I have not commented in a while but I have been following silently. Your work gives me such joy, I always have the best wishes in my heart for you.