Monday, March 19, 2012

35 drawers

This morning rummaging through drawers ...
 and getting surprised ...once more.
Spring (Printemps) was in there too .

The house on the left, on the last postcard
 is a house where i lived in for about ten years.
The postcard is dated 1943.
Nowadays it's a restaurant.

I was there in the '80 and loved the place,
situated in the centre of town, it had a most lovely walled garden
in which grew the biggest magnolia tree i ever saw.
The memory of it made me plant a magnolia tree in my current garden.


  1. How lovely is that!
    An amazing coinsidence bringing a tree to this world : )

  2. Dear Renilde,
    oh, what a wonderful collection! Isn't it amazing that with looking at every single postcard/photo comes a memory, a feeling? And, how wonderful that you take a good memory of the past to present... and future.
    Magnolia tree!

    1. Yes Ariane , all those memories and stories are kept there somewhere inside, these cards and photoos make them so alive again.

  3. wow ... so many nice treasures and photos :)

  4. what a treasures!!
    and that house
    looks lovely
    but that garden even more
    a magnolia tree, the biggest ever seen ... sigh ...
    I planted magnolias in my garden
    but they grow so so slow


    1. True, a magnolia takes its time but the beauty is worth waiting for.

  5. Hi Renilde!

    I just saw you have chosen Garden as this weekend's theme... count me in ; )

  6. so many treasures! it must be very exciting to rummage in this beautiful chest of drawer! I love... and I love magnolia trees. unfortunately I have no one in my garden, but now - perhaps...

  7. What wonderful little artifacts - and you are the perfect curator of this private historical collection! The chest of drawers reminds me of a library card catalog - or an old apothecary shop!