Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green pancakes

A local early spring tradition since the 16th century: green pancakes (Diestse kruidkoeken).
The 'green' are tansy and dandelion leaves, mixed through a standard pancake batter.
They have a rather strong, 'green' taste, i like them with 
some red currant jam, white or brown sugar.
The herbs freshly picked in my garden this morning....
 now off to my afternoon (tea) coffee :)


  1. they look yummie!! but tansy??? I think it has a bitter taste and smell ?? - I prefer basil, parsley and bear's garlic, but I can try it with tansy - it grows in my garden, too.
    have a nice weekend!

    1. Yes there is bitterness in the first taste but then it changes , i like them alot, but i'm eating these pancakes since my childhood, sometimes that makes a difference, x

  2. Hmmm nooit gegeten, toch eens proberen. Ziet er lekker uit in ieder geval. Ik wens je een heerlijk weekend Renilde!

  3. oh how wonderful. what a fine treat. thanks for sharing. i had never heard of such a thing. enjoy!

  4. sound delicious ... I think :)