Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drawing challenge/ Connection

At the beginning of the week i picked up my sketchbook and this was one of the sketches i made.
Getting Ariane's  drawing challenge invitation i saw the connection.

Women connected by motherhood and the love for their children.

It all even got deeper meaning when ,as you might have heard, Belgium got into mourning
because of a terrible bus accident in which 28 people lost their life, among whom 22 children.
At such moments people feel united by their grief, connected by the love for that young life and the
desire to take good care of our children.
What came to my mind is that we should feel connected with the welbeing of all the children in the world,
because it is of great importance in how our future world will look like.


'Connection', such an interesting theme.
Infinitly many.

We are connected with all living creatures, the sun, the moon
water and earth
air and fire
with the past and the future

the unicorn? 
the unicorn represents the human imagination,
because through times, it is that what makes our
world what it is and looks like today,
and so, for example, we are connected with the first human being
who invented something as simple a wheel, a book,a medicine etc. etc.

Wonderful theme dear Ariane!
Please take a look at her blog to find out about more connections.



  1. Mir ist ganz warm ums Herz,
    dear Renilde,
    makes me feel warm all over.
    Wonderful idea, thats it! We are all connected and you show us this here in (a) beautiful, pretty painting(s), thank you!


  2. Beautiful post, Renilde. I particularly like your first sketch. Dreadful news from Switzerland, my hearts goes out to those poor families.

  3. Lovely post and beautiful work!
    The motherhood is so wonderfully גrawn, I'm touched by the row of women standing next to be eachother...:-
    The process of making art is magic by itself, love to watch your way of working and the beautiful result its brings...xx.

  4. connection is a dear thing, for the most part. being connected is a motivator. being connection brings knowledge and insight from other's, allowing us to share whatever.....connection is a gathering of spirit and soul. connection can be a gift. art connections augment and enhance the gift, kind of like 2 x 2..

    a gathering of sister's. every circle is connected, some how everything touches everything else.

    thank you for beauty. ((hugs))

  5. Wow beautiful ...stunning art..and it touches the heart and spirit..your work always takes me into otherworldly realms of dreams, beauty and creation!I love the unicorn too..i have been dancing with them lately in my dreams!! Beautiful!! the circles overlaying eachother also makes me think of sacred geometry's/Flower of life! Powerful!
    so sad about that news..hugs. ..thankyou for sharing.

  6. your words beautiful and strong
    your drawings even stronger
    connection to all of it
    I like the unicorn
    yes, our imagination as brought us where we are today
    you made this so much more than me
    thanks for sharing and showing

    love Patrice A.

    and yes
    that accident
    that terrible accident
    I feel connected

  7. your tribute to this terrible trgedy is very touching....
    Today in Norway some children lost their fathers...

    We all connect through grief, though joy. I wish it will always be the second than the first.

    It is essential to connect with nature, imagination and the past, I mean our ancestors were so much better doing that... your artwork brought me that thought...

    1. Such delicate but moving images and I love the meaning behind the second one. Your previous painting 'I know you're out there' is very special too, I love it :D

  8. the terrible accident - so tragical! my thoughts and feelings are with the parents.
    your post is wonderful and impressive, your picture so beautiful, all your painted connections are strong and truthful. xx mano

  9. Connections are giving power and strength to anyone, especially in hard times. I love your interpretation of the theme, even in face of that really horrible accident, which makes me feel connected to all concerned family members. Yes, so true, we are all connected somehow, through life, through the earth we are all walking on...

  10. Your works are wonderful, the last picture is my favorite. Life is fragile: so sad, so terrible news, my thoughts and prayers are with those families.

  11. Very creative take on the theme, works very well and i just love the idea of the unicorn!
    You are right about the human imagination, as John Lennon says “I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”


  12. so sad to hear about the accident, though :(

    ps: thank you very much for your kind words on my blog, you are wonderful ♥

  13. importante reflexión

    me gusta tu forma de enfocarlo

  14. schitterende connectie van je, renilde... de kleurstelling, de verbeelding. ook je 35-laden herinneringen vind ik fantastisch.

    nog steeds in off mode. april zou moeten schitteren van nieuw leven...
    zou moeten... ;)))