Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drawing challenge / Smile

Besides ofcourse and always, the two sweeethearts who are
so very dear to me, it are often the little everyday things that
make me smile.
The first coffee in the morning, toys laying around the house , 
my green boots, the neighbours little lambs ,the first
magnolia blossom this week and my bed when i feel

And from far, from all over the world, you out there
posting all kinds of things that make me :) so often.

Our lovely host this week is Leena, take a look at her blog 
and watch us smiling.

happy weekend x

(p.s.  i tried to comment on several of your posts yesterday but blogger was letting me down)


  1. Dear Renilde, those little things in life, so important, so precious:) Your work is unique, mysterious and interesting, I love it! Thank you for participating! have a joyful weekend x Leena

  2. Yes, i also cherish the little things in life, that are the most important for your soul i think. The laughter of my two boys while playing, the caressing hand of my love upon my back, my two cats, the sun in spring etc..... Wonderful these two doves, carrying the smile from the lady, that also makes me smile.

  3. those little things in life
    can make the day

    your drawing is beautiful!
    so soft and gentle
    with a big smile!

    love it

  4. peace doves, heart joy, big smile ribbons.....yummy art...

    collage of love.....

    thank you, for sharing....

  5. Dear Renilde,

    Those little moments sound very familiar and much close to my heart...:-)
    Your drawing is beautiful - huge, red smile tied to the heart- love it!...xx

  6. A happy smile to you I hope you are having a wonderful weekend :^D

  7. Your are right,
    dear Renilde,
    your birds of peace and love make us smile. Smile at the small things like a coffee in the morning and the big, huge things like children - and in your case - grandchildren.
    Amazing, pretty drawing!


  8. So many things to smile about! And those green boots...yes!
    When I saw your painting first I said, WOW! Very nice and dramatic as always

  9. dreamy, smiley post...
    although i've never known my coffee making me smile. ...
    i should watch out tomorrow morning! ;)

  10. A smile with wings what a perfect analogy and so many things to smile about I agree- I agree!!

  11. lovely work, magnolia blossoms are just budding here in Melbourne the days are getting nippy that fist coffee sure looks good.

  12. dear renilde, you made my day with this post! wonderful painting and pictures, loveable words!

  13. After a crazy weekend I am finally able to spend time looking at all the smiles! Your smiles made me smile and awwww. Nice meeting you too!