Thursday, October 6, 2011

Night air

( painting by Edouard Voets one found at a flea market)

Night air has the strangest flavour
Space to breathe it, time to savour....

(Night air   Jamie Woon)
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  1. The Edouard Voets painting is excellent. Powerful emotions, resignation and rebellion, show in his face.

    The moon view through a latticed window?

    And the mask....the joker...I love this!

    Now there is the dinosaur silhouette, world traveler.

    I too, love the night.

    I love the way your mind works, and the way it works your art. You must leave and breath your art, it is everywhere. Way cool.

  2. love the painting by Edouard Voets... strong image.


  3. la poca luz de la noche ayuda a la contemplación

    me gustó la serie de imágenes. inspiradora.

  4. This is so true about the night air - like a refreshing drink. I also love the mask!