Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drawing challenge / Development

Development; a theme with lots and lots of possibilities.
Everything constantly developing, moving, changing.

The personal development each and everyone of us makes living our live;
influenced by the world that surrounds us from the day of our birth on, what we receive and notice
with all our senses, what moves and touches us, what we do with all the information we get,
with all the emotions we experience, all the other human beings we meet (also constantly developing),
how this makes, we all develop our own and unique pesonality

I tried to paint that :)

Our sweet, rose loving host this week is Ariane.

Happy weekend to you all dear readers, xx

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  1. i did not magage to paint something, but i am taking the round to see what you others did... this is good! i like the colors the meanings, the hearts : )

  2. what a powerful painting
    and beautiful words
    so true

    thank you renilde

  3. Very impressive painting dear Renhilde! I like also the graphic parts of it, they way you put into oval and all the signs.
    And thanks a lot for all your nice comments, not only today, but all the other days as well!
    Wish you very nice developements this weekend ;)

  4. Wow! what a lot in one piece and so true! I just had a dream about the senses this morning and how differently they are emphasized/developed in each person and now I am seeing your painting and thinking this is no coincidence :)

  5. i've had to look and look and then gaze at your painting! there is so much to take in. the silliest thing is my eye is drawn to the stippling, i can't help it... but i am also very taken by the eye sight. such a sensible way to express our daily load, our daily intake of development all around. i am in deep admiration for the universal themes you always touch, of wich development is, well, quite a stunner, in all ways....

  6. I understand this from the human & spiritual perspective; mind; emotions; will and intellect; spirit; soul; and body. We are wounded, changed and healed. We are overwhelmed with visual; audio; and physical data. We spin like a top attempting to settle in a realm of balance and still maintain our individuality.

    Isn't life fun and mysterious.

    I especially loved this art of yours.

    Happy weekend.

  7. Well, that makes me feel dizzy,
    dear Renilde,
    how many influences... with all the own and stranger development(s)... you're right!
    Your painting is successful! That posture of the feet... a small detail but it shows so much. Wonderful the 'dantien', the center of the body.
    Thank you very much.
    x Ariane.

  8. Wow, a very moving and thought provoking piece. I think I'd struggle to convey this message, but I'm tempted to try.

    Thank you for your caring and supportive words :D

  9. descifras perfectamente lo inmaterial

  10. Wonderful new header,
    dear Renilde.
    Very autumn-like and mystic (cat...).

    Would you please be our next host of the drawing challenge?

    x Ariane.

  11. Dear Renilde!
    i left you a long winded and excited comment about your work here yesterday - did you not get it?!
    i basically said that this painting feels as though it has all the secrets of the universe in it - coded, available,ancient and futuristic all at once. It is Amazing!!!!!! conjures up Frida and Dali, timeless masters!

  12. Thanks x

    Dear Stephanie, your first comment seemed not to have reached me, but the above one did :) thanks, x

  13. Another beauty..this is very meditative and takes me into dreamland!
    Wow..Renilde I didn't know about these wonderful new painting challenges you are doing..sounds fantastic..shine on!!