Wednesday, October 12, 2011

black and white

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  1. oh i love these. i want to be here, wandering in black and white.

  2. Yes me too!
    These are wonderful! is this around your neighborhood?

  3. Fantastic strong lines in these photos - very atmospheric, as are the autumn colours in the previous post. Lovely.

  4. Lovely and dramatic :D Your garden is looking lovely too, as it prepares for the Winter sleep.

  5. Oh, I love black and white.
    I love all of the brick and antiquity.

  6. Thank you,

    except the last picture, which is taken at a friends garden these photos are all made at my home.
    The house we live in was built in the late '30 but the barn (1st photo) is from an earlier date and once was part of a farm, the iron door and window were put in by us , there was only a small door at that side. There is a large wooden gate at the other side but our house was built against it, so you can only see the gate from inside the barn( yes i know it's strange :)

    nr.2 local beer and soda bottle containers from the '50
    nr.3 our original '30 staircase

    nr.4 another flea market find, antique mirror frame waiting for a mirror

    nr.5 our cats

  7. i am sooooo in love with that antique frame!!!!

  8. Black and white take me back a ways. There was only black and white, so the reminds me of childhood.

    Beautiful photo subjects.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. ¡quĂ© hermoso lugar te envuelve!

  10. there is something so sad and atmospherical on black & white pictures. these ones are so good. love the one withthe staircage : )

  11. Renilde, these are wonderful photos - I had no idea you had such talent with black and white, which is I think much harder to master than color photography! Is there anything you can't do? Thank you so much for sharing these.

  12. Thank you!!

    Gabriella, your comment here means a lot to me, i admire your photography so much.
    One has to try many things in life ;) x