Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drawing Challenge / Alice

Her attention was drawn by a reddish light in the distance.
Coming closer the red light faded and at first she noticed a lovely dress.
'Oh nice' Alice whispered.
'What ?'
Now she saw the blue-footed sheep.
' What are you reading?' she asked.
'I am reading any book.' the sheep answered.
'Yes' the sheep said ' i am trying to find a clue,
i tried throwing the dice but i don't understand the result, so i started reading.'

' Which clue are you looking for?' Alice asked.
' Any clue.' said the sheep.

Alice looked around, ' What's in those small red boxes?'
' That's the problem ', the sheep replied, ' my dreams and wishes are in there, i put them in so
i wouldn't loose them and now i can't open the boxes anymore and i am beginning to
forget what my dreams and wishes were.

'Oh that's very serious.' Alice sighed.

'Maybe it's better to give the boxes away, you can have them.' said the sheep.
'O that's sweet' Alice answered, ' but i have my own dreams and wishes.'
' Do you keep them in boxes too?' the sheep asked.
Alice giggled, ' No ! why would i keep my dreams and wishes packed away?'
' I am afraid you have to leave then, i have a lot of reading to do ', the sheep said ' but you can have the dress .'
The red light became stronger again.

For more Alice sparkling please visit the brilliant Nadine
 A magical weekend to you all, xx


  1. tata!
    love it!!
    your story, like Nadine's, kept me on the tip of my chair
    maybe the two of you can write a book?!
    love the scenery
    like a little theater
    fine, fine!....

  2. Wow!! You have taken me on a magical adventure..thankyou Renilde..the red lighting is stunning and mysteriously beautiful..I adore all the scenes and creations..fantastical!! I also love the dice and little mushrooms...magical!

  3. lovely absolutly lovely! i am delighted having tea with you : )

  4. “The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.”

    William Shakespeare

  5. Dear Renilde,
    your reddish box, like a stage of theatre, with the reading sheep... fantastic! Each detail of the equipment tells a story. That tree! The book of the sheep... pretty dress... onions, dream boxes... that story! Love it!

    x Ariane.

  6. magic, magic, magic.
    i knew my trip round all the alices would be worth its while.
    couldn't wait till tonite.

    offering me terrific takes on tiny boxes too, renilde, as in why do we need magic in our lives, why and how could magic be a philosophy...

    thank you for such inspiration.
    your alice rocks!

  7. What a wonderful story written in true Alice fashion!
    I read it to the kids this morning. They loved it as well as the scene you created. So many details. So interesting.
    You have such a strong creative energy, I can tell. Beautifully done!

  8. renilde this is just wonderful, how i wish i could sit down in that fairy box, try if the little dress might fit... LOVE, julia

  9. Thank you, you're all quite magical !

  10. I'm fascinated by your beautiful alice-theatre. I come together with julia in this box...