Thursday, October 20, 2011


I can hear the crows calling
they are all around the house
they are everywhere i go
I listen to their cawing
the repeating
the answers

strange..yet familiar
it reassures me
often i stand still
listening to their croaking
trying to understand
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  1. I loved these crows ...
    and the head drawn!

    and it is true,
    hear your calls and responses,
    bring a peace that connects us with them ...

  2. Beautiful Renilde..this captures my heart..I too love crows and talk to them..and hear these gentle creatures in my soul..they are magnificent!

    I love this photo is captivating and full of poetry!!I love your gorgeous sketch too!
    Have a magical day with your special crows!

  3. I like these crows... are they paper cutouts?

  4. Crows are so smart and relentless is their living of life. I love, love, love crows.

    Fine job for these crows, the wonders with something always on their minds, and the seem always to be speaking it out.

  5. los cuervos son como una representación de la parte de la vida que nuestros ojos oculta

  6. craws are always scary to me - perhaps I looked hitchcocks birds all too often... but your drawn craw looks so funny and friendly, love it!

  7. Thank you!

    Yes Don, they are simple paper cutouts, x

  8. Crows do seem to be images of menace or foreboding for so many, but I have always thought they are beautiful and clever creatures! These cutouts capture that spirit. Beautiful!

  9. Renilde!

    gisterenavond pas thuis gekomen
    dus nee, sorry, maar ik doe niet mee deze week

    maar die kraaien
    zo mooi!!

    dag, ik kom nog langs om al jullie 'bottles'
    te bewonderen

    fijn weekend!