Saturday, October 8, 2011

Drawing challenge / Family

As our theme this week is 'family',
at first i started painting the piece that's above ;
some kind of family pictures collage... but then i was thinking of our
host for this week, our youngest, beautiful artist GRETA
and i decided i wanted to paint something especially for her.
So dear Greta i painted you ' the Fluffy family',  i hope you like them.

Wishing you all a happy weekend !
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  1. Absolutely marvelous family rendering. We are all different, viva la difference. And you may know, I love the black sheep. Your friend will love this forever.

  2. i like this alot. they carry expression that immediately lets you into their characters. well done!

  3. Renilde! What a beautiful family portrait! And your words for Greta are so sweet. She sleeps now but I will make sure she sees it in the morning! She' going to LOVE it.

  4. renilde, i love it that you p paint a cat is your sister, you are so so so very sweet! love, julia

  5. muy original
    y un acierto el fondo rayado

  6. Hahah, dear Renilde,
    I love your family portrait! All gathered: from the patriarch over to the baby and, of course! to the black sheep of (the) family - great!

    And your sister as a cat close to you... very cute (and deep).

    x Ariane.

  7. Great colours and composition, with so much wit! Loving the black sheep...

  8. well, i need to wear my glasses if i want to leave a comment... :)
    but of course you understood my dear! love, julia

  9. you have a true heart. you shine! and your family of fluffs is literally bestially beautiful..! i think i may like these kind of portraits better than the real thing. imagine? you give each member of the family an animal tic. could work! ;)))

  10. both, I like them both
    your collage and your sheep-portrait
    great, great!!!!

  11. Thanks,

    dear Julia, don't worry i did understand, thank you xx

  12. Dear Renilde, love your collage and sheep portrait, those colors look amazing in your painting!

  13. family - great theme! and your paintings are so awesome. i especially love the black sheep...