Monday, October 17, 2011

Berries and fruit

the magnolia tree is bearing fruit for the first time since it was planted,
amazingly beautiful, strange and funny in form and colour (the construction
of the magnolia flower is similar to that of the oldest known fossil flower)
some parts make me think of young birdheads
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  1. wonderfully strange blossoms indeed!

  2. wow they do look strange ... can you use the fruit for something, except looking at it :)

  3. Natures bounty is so beautiful. The magnolia blossoms for the white magnolia we have in South Florida USA are sphere shaped. Are these you photographed misshaped? What kind of magnolia tree?

    I so love seeing the berries and cones and magnolia pods. The colors and shapes of nature.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings. :0)

  4. you can't eat them dear Dorte, x

    Dear Sandi, these are the pods and seeds of the pink Magnolia soulangeana, i read that the asymmetry is caused by part of the berries that didn't ripen x

  5. i didn't know that about magnolia! then again, there are many things i do not know.
    and thank you.

  6. These are fantastic, almost surreal. They are especially interesting to me as I have just been in South Carolina & seen so many Magnolia trees.... the colors of the seed pods so lovely. Thanks, Renilde!