Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drawing challenge/ Breakfast

i am not a breakfast girl.
my breakfast excists of coffee and, and once in a while some toast.
not that i don't like food or eating, i do :)
it has something to do with my very late working hours.

so i show you a toy breakfast and some Belgian '20 and '30 apple, pear and sugar beetsyrup tins,
they must have looked pretty and sweet on someones breakfast table once.
back then a clever salesman already knew what to do to make children eat their breakfast.

on holiday though i love an al fresco breakfast; sketch of a 'memory' breakfast.

i hope you all had or will have a yummie breakfast this morning,
my coffee tasted great ;)

for more breakfasting, all over the world visit our stylish host Patrice.

Sunny weekend to all of you!
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  1. your breakfast table looks LOVELY!
    those happy dots
    and that view
    and you
    looking over your shoulder
    I wish it was for real
    us having breakfast together
    my dream....

  2. hallo! such pleasure to have breakfast with you! love your drawing : )

  3. Wow..Renilde..this is a fabulous painting..I adore it..gorgeous and enchanting..and full of memory you can feel! Love the photo of the beautiful tins..those are wonderful!
    Have a lovey day!

  4. Dear Renilde,
    coffee and cigarettes... a breakfast for me in my years of study... even late working times.
    Today I wish I could come to your fresco breakfast, having a croissant and cheese and of course: coffee! with this marvellous view... is it Italy?


  5. breakfast with a view
    memory capture &
    suitable to frame

    I am forever
    enchanted with
    a backward

    Thank you, for sharing. Thank you for "breakfast".

  6. Your breakfast things and art are wonderful. You never cease to amaze me with your talent.

  7. a mí me encanta el desayuno sin prisas. es un buen momento con todo el día por delante.

  8. just for the obligatory dotted table runner alone, i am in love with your brekkies table! dots or carreaux, they feel homey and comforting.
    and see how you've incorporated the dots! i knew it! i love the landscape, renilde. so pleasantly recognizable, though it not being flemish?
    might i add it feels just a tad 'flemish ardennes' ;)))

  9. Thank you x

    Dear Ariane and Nadine, the view is from a small village in France close to Limoux (Aude), it's a lovely place on a hilltop and the views are just stunning,x

  10. I think I would eat way too much if I should have breakfast in a place like that. It looks so beautiful :)

  11. Renilde,
    I love your dotted table cloth and toy breakfast. And those tins!!!!!!
    Your painting, al fresco, divine. What a bright table and that view can't be beat. Obviously a memory you savor. Thanks for the beauty.

  12. Dear, renilde- wow!!! Love your art work- you have painted the most perfect location, with loveliest breakfast...I wish I go there right now.. :-)
    love the tines- what a great collection ...:-)xx

  13. I love your al fresco breakfast, my dear! But just coffee - and the view - are enough for me too.

  14. I love your al fresco breakfast, my dear! But just coffee - and the view - are enough for me too.

  15. Hi, your breakfast drawings look amazing, so colorful and bright, hope someday can have breakfast all together just like Patrice table!