Tuesday, October 2, 2012

virginia creeper

last year the virginia creeper against the south wall
lost its still green leaves in June and pretended to be death,
no spectacular show that autumn
but than this year i noticed some new growth 
he's still alive !


  1. Oh, I have a vine like this in my workshop
    but here, obviously just starting to be green.!!
    Beautiful autumn wall, Renilde!!! :))

  2. Yay for the virginia creeper! They have the most beautiful colours in the autumn.
    I have a slip from a neighbour's huge plant in a pot waiting to be planted at the front of our house.

  3. it is by far the most beautiful word{s} i have heard since weeks... virginia creeper... and it's such a romantic too, in autumn....

    never underestimate a creeper... they do have a mind of their own, when i look about me, like that...

  4. how nice that he is coming to life again :)