Monday, October 8, 2012

Planting bulbs

last week i couldn't ignore the feeling
of a society growing grimmer, looking for scapegoats
everywhere, speaking words that make my heart bleed...

my house, a resting place, and me planting bulbs for a bright spring.


  1. Little beauties in a world of beasts!
    I've been planting some too!
    Thnks for sharing.

    Have a nice week****

  2. me too
    planting bulbs I mean
    all white and blue
    while enjoying autumn
    I am looking forward
    to spring


  3. yes, we need little beauties! I like your mushroom faces and the asters very much! good week for you! :-) mano

  4. So important to plant those bulbs and prepare for a bright spring. Lovely words.

  5. My home is where I'm better, I rarely leave my house, but there are people who find refuge elsewhere. all are valid possibilities.
    I see that ou have chrysanthemums!! we have some of the same color, and other burgundyb :))
    Good week for you

  6. Oh that's so sad. It's a good plan to plant something, to create and make this world a lovelier place. :) Thankyou for your sweet words on my blog, you make my world a beautiful one, thankyou.
    Jess xx

  7. Always good to dig in the earth when feelings like those you had sprout up!

  8. Your mushrom are so lovely!
    - oh I must plant some bulbs too...soon it would be too late :(

  9. very cute mushrooms Renilde...I know how you feel when the ugly side of humanity rears its head it can be depressing. I tend to opt out of exposure to mainstream media where the focus is always on the negative and do my own research to find real stories that restore my faith. Sometimes I dont need to look far the goodness is right there under my nose.

    Have a wonderful weekend Renilde you are a lovely creative soul and I really feel blessed to be able to visit you.

    Helen :)